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Michelle Phillips who is an actress and lead vocalist for The Mamas & The Papas has auctioned 10 NFT of her hand drawn sketch of the groups image through ViciNFT on June 29.

Phillips “California Girl” memorabilia is digitized into a collectible that includes her original signature and a fabulous hand-drawn portrait of the Mamas and the Papas which is now making $100,000 in Ethereum, one of the most popular cryptocurrency in the blockchain. The NFT also includes a video of the making of the drawing and signature, along with a dedicated message to the winning bidder. With the auction, it gives a 25% support to The Painted Turtle which offers its flagship “Camp for Kids” with serious medical conditions. Basically, the lead vocalist is making a difference in helping children.

“I am delighted to be able to help so many children through these auctions,” Michelle Phillips said. 

Its been said that there was a video of the original artwork by Phillips and the digital drawing was featured in the NFT while the original artwork was accepted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Ten of these identical NFTs were each sold for $10,000 and people who win the bid for the collectable will receives an invitation to have dinner with Ms. Phillips at the PASTINA restaurant in Westwood California in late September, 2021.

The collectable NFT could possibly enter a second phase where the buyers might resale based on the value especially when it features a Rock and Roll star. According to a Bill Gladstone, partner in ViciNFT corporation he says that Michelle represents the essence of the California musical and cultural transformation of the 1960s and she impacted the world for more than fifty years. Including the NFT’s value which can increase as icons of this era.

As for legendary music producer Lou Adler who signed the vocal group also made a statement about Michelle’s music and image impacted the world. Also, how the NFT bid is helping The Painted Turtle provide more needs to children.

“Fortunately, The Painted Turtle is one of the recipients of that kindness. Michelle Phillips’ NFT which includes a whimsical drawing of the Mamas & Papas will be a priceless treasure for the winning bidder,” Adler added. “The Painted Turtle is grateful that they will receive 25% of the winning bid that will allow them to continue to provide life-changing camp experiences to children with serious medical conditions. On behalf of those children, thank you, Michelle. And thank you to the auction bidders.”

About Michelle Phillips, she was working as a model in San Francisco until she met and married John Phillips in 1962. As she co-founded the vocal group “the Mamas and the Papas” in 1965 the band rose to fame when she wrote her two popular singles “California Dreamin'” and “Creeque Alley.”

The Painted Turtle began as a dream in 1999 when Paul Newman and Page Adler, along with a group of other dedicated individuals, co-founded The Painted Turtle to let kids with medical conditions just be kids. Through the ongoing commitment of these individuals, many of whom sit on the board today, the dream of The Painted Turtle became a reality.

According to ViciNFT co-founder Jordan French, ViciNFT manages digital assets and auctions, is the leader in artist and enterprise digital-asset management. Its partnerships encompass non-fungible token (NFT) creation and management, smart contracts, blockchain technology development, and cryptocurrency-based auction management. Earlier this year, ViciNFT designed and built an auction recorded to the blockchain for Smithsonian-affiliated Aquarium of the Bay for a famed “Sea Bass NFT” that sold for $13,700.