As the 52nd Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, kicks off, SKYWORTH – China’s leading TV brand and a global pioneer of big-screen AIoT – held its first global product launch and press conference for global media in the United States. At the “See the Wonder” event, SKYWORTH officially launched two new premium TV series, both of which will be available globally, as well as in the U.S. market, in 2020: the Q91, its first 8K TV available in the U.S. and other markets, and the W81, the company’s wallpaper-thin OLED TV. SKYWORTH also shared details about its proprietary technologies, approach to product innovation and design, global market performance and ambitions, and highlighted the company’s leading position among smart home brands as consumers turn towards high-end TV models with forward-looking technology.

Tony Wang, Chief Executive and President of SKYWORTH TV
Tony Wang, Chief Executive and President of SKYWORTH TV

Tony Wang, Chief Executive and President of SKYWORTH TV, said, “As a leading brand in the TV and smart home industry, SKYWORTH is moving ahead with a focus on building a premium brand, continuous innovation in technology and products, and ushering in the era of big-screen AIoT. SKYWORTH aims to become the brand that leads the consumer electronics market of the future, offering 8K TVs and flagship-level OLED TVs, among other differentiated products, that meet the demands of the growing middle class.”

SKYWORTH’s first 8K TV, the Q91 series: Reality, Realized

As the mainstream TV market begins to shift away from 4K LCD TVs to address consumer desires for ultra-high-definition picture quality, the demand for higher quality TVs is growing stronger. Therefore, at CES SKYWORTH launched the latest in its Q series of TVs, the Q91. Q stands for “quality”, and that is exactly what the Q91 provides for users who value the highest-end products and viewing experience. As SKYWORTH’s first 8K TV available in the U.S. and other markets, the Q91 allows viewers to see realistic image quality combined with intelligent performance.

SKYWORTH Q91 series

With four times higher resolution than 4K, the 8K Q91 series offers image quality that rivals reality, supported by 120fps 8K for a smoother picture. The SoC supports 8K hardware decoding for up to 60fps, making 8K picture quality naturally smooth. The Q91 series adopts an 8K IPS LED hard screen, which arranges the liquid crystal molecules horizontally, offering wider viewing angles, faster response and more. It maintains a consistent and clear image from any angle, so the picture maintains color and optimal brightness.

The 8K AI Image Processing Engine uses advanced image recognition and processing technology to improve the contrast, color and clarity of the picture, while intelligently modifying lower-resolution video content to closer to 8K resolution. The bezel-less 75-inch screen enables viewers to enjoy unrestricted viewing with a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees. In addition, the Q91 features Dolby Vision imaging technology, offering ultra-vivid picture quality – incredible brightness, contrast, color and detail that bring entertainment to life before your eyes. The Q91 series also provides an immersive audio experience with Dolby Atmos 2.1.2, as well as a HiFi passive filter and SKYWORTH’s Wonder Audio Sky Echo built into the SoundBar, which moves soundwaves upwards to echo precisely into the user’s ears.

The 75-inch Q91 will be priced at US $5,999. 

SKYWORTH’s wallpaper-thin OLED TV, the W81 and W81 Pro: See the Wonder 

As the first Chinese manufacturer of OLED basic modules (OBM), SKYWORTH launched its first self-manufactured OBM OLED TV series, the W81 and W81 Pro. As part of the “wonder” series, the cutting-edge W81 models offer an amazing viewing experience and sleek design.

SKYWORTH W81 series
SKYWORTH W81 series

Inspired by the thin and light qualities of paper, the design of the W81 series is elegant and modern. The signature one-line design of the lower frame offers a minimalistic yet practical feel, with the microphone array and AI camera embedded on a thin illuminated line, while the combination of glass and metallic materials convey a sense of cleanliness and strength. At only 4.6mm thick at its slimmest point, the OLED screen seamlessly attaches to the wall. A 21-inch secondary display on the W81 Pro, equipped with the Swaiot OS, shows always-on information such as time and weather, as well as real-time updates including IoT device responses. With Dolby Vision, an ultra-wide viewing angle, expert image calibration, blue-light filtering for eye health and SOBiF non-afterimage technology, together with Dolby Atmos immersive audio, the W81 series offers a world-class entertainment experience in the comfort of your home.

The W81 series can also be paired with the Swaiot PANEL, a new 4-inch or 10.1-inch supplementary display powered by SKYWORTH’s Swaiot OS that automatically syncs with the program being played on the main TV. It will be available for purchase separately and will be compatible with other SKYWORTH TVs in the near future. 

The 65” W81 and 65” W81 Pro will retail for US $3,599 and US $4,599 respectively. Pricing and availability for the 77” W81 Pro will be announced at a later date. 

20 years of overseas expansion: SKYWORTH’s global strategy

The launch of the Q91 and W81 series products at CES 2020 marks an important milestone in SKYWORTH’s international business strategy. The company has a 20-year history of overseas presence, starting from its early days as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to eventually operating its own brand. Now present in multiple international markets including the United States, Germany and Southeast Asia, SKYWORTH is a leading Chinese technology brand with demonstrated success on the international stage.

Tony Wang, Chief Executive and President of SKYWORTH TV
Leo Tang, Chief Brand Officer of SKYWORTH TV

At the press conference, Mr. Wang said, “SKYWORTH’s overseas business has achieved strong development through its own brand management and strategic OEM capabilities. We have grown in markets like the Netherlands and Germany, where we have overseas R&D centers, and have expanded our production base from China to Germany, Indonesia, South Africa, Poland, India and other countries. SKYWORTH’s outstanding performance in overseas markets demonstrates the power of our brand.”

Leo Tang, Chief Brand Officer of SKYWORTH TV added, “Over our 31-year history, SKYWORTH has always dared to be first. Not only have we developed our own leading big-screen AIoT ecosystem and led the industry into the AIoT era, but we have also been widely recognized by consumers for our own innovative technology and high-quality products, due in part to our in-depth understanding of target audiences. We are proud of our growing international position as a company focused on creating and delivering premium products and services to our users, which demonstrates both the depth and breadth of our brand, as well as our ability to lead the industry to a brighter future.”

Also present at the launch event was John Couling, Senior Vice President, Commercial Partnerships at Dolby, a long-term partner of SKYWORTH. “SKYWORTH has been a pioneer in adopting Dolby’s latest innovations, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos,” Mr. Couling said. “With the launch of the Q91 and W81 series, SKYWORTH customers can instantly enjoy an amazing out-of-the-box audiovisual experience powered by Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.”

Swaiot™ and TrensAI™

The new products SKYWORTH launched at CES are supported by SKYWORTH’s advanced Swaiot™ technology. Using the TV as the gateway and control hub of a home’s shared smart devices and appliances, SKYWORTH connects family members to shared technology to make their lives easier.

SKYWORTH’s TrensAI™ technology supports Swaiot™ through powerful voice recognition and AI language processing capabilities. TrensAI™ allows SKYWORTH TVs to readily respond to spoken language – even from a distance – and distinguish between voices of different household members, providing personalized responses based on each user’s individual characteristics.

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