Sneakerella: A Gender-Bent Tale We Knew We Needed

Lace up your shoes and hold on tight, because a brand new, gender-bending version of the cult classic, Cinderella, is about to hit the virtual box office. Sneakerella is set to come to Disney+ in February of 2022.

Our main character, El, is employed in a shoe store that was once in the ownership of his late mother. He is mistreated by his stepfather and two step-siblings who provide any means possible to purposefully discourage El from chasing his dreams. This story is told through the lens of a young male, with a young female in pursuit of him after she is enamored with his unique, self-made sneakers. Meanwhile, El’s best friend encourages him along the way to continue on his journey of becoming a professional and respected sneaker designer.

Not only is the classic story told with a twist through the completely opposite gender lens than ever seen before, but Disney has also included a beautifully diverse cast to tell the new tale! The movie demonstrates a multitude of progressive aspects, providing a new perspective on an old fashioned original, that encourages the viewers to be wooed and exposed to new possibilities when viewing, that will certainly exceed their initial expectations. 

You can set your reminders to tune into Sneakerella, this music-driven, uplifting, and motivational movie, February 18 on Disney+. 

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Hannah Fletcher

Since the age of three, Hannah was confident that she was passionate about pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. With humility, God, and a driven demeanor- Hannah is pursuing a fruitful career as a host, by utilizing her BFA in Acting and her love for spreading positivity to the public. Hannah is grateful to be located in Beverly Hills, as she is able to pursue her career by the grace of God and the support of her loving parents and family.

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