Snowfall: LA Gang Wars Season 4

Season four of Snowfall is just two weeks away and with the last airing episode being September 11, 2019 the anticipation is mounting. Season 4 begins on New Year’s day 1985 and President Ronald Reagan has just been re-elected. As the world is headed towards the new era, the cold crippling streets of South Central Los Angeles is just now heating up.

With Franklin Saint (portrayed by Damson Idris) being forced out of recovery early from a near death experience, he tries to maintain control over his empire. But, his adversaries smell blood lurking in the water and they’re ready to strike.

“Business is booming and the demand for crack cocaine is at an all-time high.” But old crews are reaching their bitter end of truce with one another. Manboy, leader of the notorious Compton Crips and the father of his sister’s child Skully, leader of the infamous Inglewood Family Bloods are about to start an all out gang war due to a shooting that happened in Compton. 

A gang war amongst two of Franklin Saints Capo’s will force him to pick a side which will have devastating repercussions for not only him and his empire but for all of Los Angeles. 

Teddy McDonald, a lone CIA agent is now faced with life changing decisions as the LAPD is funneling all their money and attention to “war on drugs.” He is now having to smuggle more cocaine across the border in valunt attempt to help fund the government’s fight against communism in South America. This forces him to lean on his contacts: Franklin Saint (South Central kingpin), Gustavo Zapata (Mexican drug smuggler) and Avi Drexler (Israeli weapons smuggler) and also bring in unsuspected faces into the CIA. The overwhelming question is, has Teddy gone too far?

With everyone charting their own paths out while Franklin was away will this new war be the end for life as they know it. Snowfall season 4 begins on February 24 on FX.

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Malik Patterson

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