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Something Special : A Film About Coffee

Coffee, oh but it’s so much more.

For the past few years there has been a surge that has hit our home here in Southern California. A tidal of wave speciality coffee has swept up SoCal, making us rethink the beverage that we’ve taken for granted for so many years.

Since about 2006 or so, we’ve seen “specialty coffee” shops popping up like wild-fire down here, and frankly, I think its awesome. Finally, we can enjoy a good crafted cup of coffee that someone took time and care creating.

This care for quality, amongst other things, is what Brandon Loper was bringing to light in his movie, A Film About Coffee. If you haven’t been enlightened yet with specialty coffee, then I suggest you check this movie out, or if you already have been versed in this coffee community then you definitely would love to see this flick.

Without spoiling too much, the film is about… COFFEE.
And of course the community it has so beautifully created here down in SoCal, and in so many other places around the world.

One thing that I surly will get into, is its coverage on direct trade and the farmers who cultivate this fine crafted beverage.

It takes such a long time and so much preparation to produce this beens and hardly does anybody recognize the hard work that these farmers put in for this, let alone pay them a fair amount.
The film makes note of the farmers who have struggled with extreme low wages of pay for a massive commodity.

Then takes positive turn and begins to recognize the vast communities and families that it has helped through the direct trade process of cultivation. Buyer and farmer work hand in hand and notice the great injustice that these farmers have been going through and have given them not only the tools to make great coffee beans, but to also make a community thrive.

The movie takes you around the world from coffee shop to farm, but where it hits hardest is home. Urging you not to fall into a commodity, but rather into something special, something with care and quality that lives in our community.

A Film About Coffee – Trailer:

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