Sonic Fuel: The In-Ear Headphones You’ve Dreamed About

Audio-Technica Sonic FuelIn-ear headphones should be more than earbuds you throw in your ears in order to listen to music on the go. They should make your music sound brilliant and be as functional as the device they are attached to.

Luckily Audio-Technica has embraced these ideas and taken them to the next level.

The Sonic Fuel ATH-CKX5iSBK (CKX5i) portable headphones by Audio-Technica are easily some of the best in-ear headphones on the market today. By the look and feel of their design they are not only durable and well made but clearly well thought out. They separate themselves from the mundane earbud headphones most consumers are used to tolerating. All their functions have a clear purpose that make listening to music a much more pleasant experience.

To begin, the construction of the earbuds themselves provide the right amount of comfort and insulation from outside noise. An ingenious C-tip design helps the buds sit securely in your ear. The set comes with four different size ear tips and three different sized C-tips to ensure that your in-ear headphones are comfortable and never slip out of your ear. And if that weren’t enough, the eartip rotates 360 degrees for an optimum and unique fit in your ear canal. It provides for the ultimate customized fitting, meaning ultimate comfort.

The CKX5i’s are also equipped with an in line control that houses a volume control, multi-function button, and a built in phone mic so that you can take calls from your smartphone without hassle.  The control itself allows the user to answer/end calls, change music tracks, and pause music/videos with the touch of a single, built-in button. One click and you can answer your phone while on the treadmill because the phone mic picks up your voice loud and clear without grabbing too much of the ambient noise around you. I took a call while on the exercise bike at the gym in the middle of the day and the person I was talking to heard me loud and clear. I didn’t need to grab the mic and hold it up for them to hear me, I just let it hand freely while we talked. No ambient noise to muffle the sound of my voice on the other end (they didn’t even know I was at the gym until I mentioned it casually).

And of course the quality of the sound is excellent, and you would expect nothing less from audio-technica. The music is dynamic and clear while providing a nice amount of bass. If the functions and design weren’t enough to impress you, the sound quality certainly will.

All in all, Audio-Technica has clearly thought of everything that is helpful and practical for a set of extremely high quality in-ear headphones. The Sonic Fuel CKX5i’s are an amazing value (they retail for just under $50) because of their functionality, design, and audio quality. They are clear and away a great set of headphones for those willing to invest a little more in their music-listening experience but are hesitant to drop hundreds of dollars.

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