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South Park’s Comic-Con Takeover

With a new season approaching, South Park fans can tame their excitement with two interactive activations at Comic-Con.

The four-day long event taking place in San Diego will feature a South Park themed escape room.

“Cartman’s Escape Room” will trap fans in another one of Cartman’s typical schemes. 

Up to ten fans will be allowed to enter at once. Facing a limited amount of time to escape, guests should use what they know about the show to advance in the game.

This activation is set to be the first installment of the adventure. The escape room is then expected to launch in other major areas across the U.S.

This adventure will be available to the public for free at the San Diego Wine Center starting Thursday July 19.

South Park’s “Member Berries Challenge” will allow fans to transport into a 3D replica of the “Member Berries” episode.

Fans will be asked three trivia questions as they sit in Sharon and Shelly’s seats at the family dinner table.

If the questions are answered correctly they will be rewarded with a Member Berry. However, if they give the wrong answers fans can expect to be splashed with Member Berry juice.

The Member Berries Challenge will kick-off Wednesday night and last through the weekend inside the convention center.

There will be a chance to immerse in other iconic scenes from the series and additional South Park themed games.

The fun will all set the tone for the premiere of South Park’s 22nd season. The award-winning show will return to television sets on Wednesday, Sept. 26 on Comedy Central.


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