Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer Released

Marvel’s new trailer for Spider-Man: Far from Home makes its debut with an explosion of buzz after the superhero franchise decided to drop the highly-anticipated 2-minute clip earlier this morning.

The friendly neighborhood Spider-man will make yet another appearance on the big screen this upcoming summer, July 5th, 2019. Peter Parker’s secret is out as his whole entire family now knows his super capabilities as the reigning teenaged hero of New York City. The accumulating excitement over seeing Zendaya’s character more flushed out is rightfully placed as she revealed herself as the new Mary Jane in the previous Sony Picture’s film, Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Director, Jon Watts is further integrating Spider-Man’s arch into the upcoming Avengers film with the inclusion of Samuel L. Jackson in the trailer. Peter Parker’s trip overseas is quickly interrupted by Nick Fury who is urging for Parker to unretire his global career as Spider-Man so that he can help fight against the new villains, the Elementals. The public’s safety is put into jeopardy by the wreaked havoc caused by these villainous characters and Nick Fury summons up super-hero, Mysterio, who is played by Jake Gyllenhaal to aid Peter Parker in this heroic fight.

Taking place in Europe, Spider-Man: Far from Home is tapping into Peter’s new-found independence which is granted to him as he is miles away from New York and his helicopter-Aunt, May Parker. The stakes are much higher as Peter is beginning to align himself with super-hero allegiances rather than fighting the local robbers who create mischief in his neighborhood back in the United States.

With all these factors to consider and the development of his relationship with MJ, Watts is bringing nostalgia to the big screen as he is tackling new story arcs and focusing on familiar ones that include new characters which pay homage to older Marvel fans and most importantly, Stan Lee’s unforgettable legacy.

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