Sprint Vector Dashes To HTC Vive And Oculus

Survios’ latest project Sprint Vector has officially launched on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and has recently become available for PlayStation VR as well. To celebrate the recent launch of Sprint Vector, the Survios team is giving its racers free Winter Games skins so you can show pride for your country. Furthermore, weekly challenges will be available for gamers who want to test their skills and prepare for Mr. E’s Master League.

This fast-paced VR experience aims to have multiple players duke it out on numerous courses with Mario Kart-esque rules. There are eight different playable characters to choose from and tons of powerups to use to your advantage.

Sprint Vector plans to satisfy any racer they can with a variety of ways to play. If you’re looking to challenge yourself and try out the game’s speedrunning modes that’ll earn you a spot on the global leaderboard. If you’re a competitive player like myself, you might gravitate towards the competitive mode where eight players race against one another for glory. If you want to enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere, you could always private matchmake with your buddies or endure some solo challenges that take place on nine different courses.

Sprint Vector is currently $29.99, and those who decide to buy the game during its launch will receive a 20% discount on purchase. PS Plus users will receive a higher discount tallied at 30%. Lastly, if you’re looking to join the Sprint Vector community, check out their official Discord channel!

Gotta Go Fast!

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