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In 2018 the NBA All-Star game is coming back Los Angeles. It will be held at the Staple Center, marking the third time the game has taken place there.

Commissioner stern praised Los Angeles for its hospitality, and great facilities to host the event. The city is a great place to hold all-star weekend. With new facilities and great hotel resorts, fans will have an easier time.

Unlike the past few games, Los Angeles will be able to accommodate the fans outdoors. Unlike Toronto and New York, the weather shouldn’t be that much of a factor. However, the cold didn’t stop Canadians from ice-skating in front of the arena. The game will take place Sunday, Feb. 18, 2018.

In total the game has been hosted by Los Angeles six times, the most by any city. Right behind them in New York with five All-Star games. For Staples Center it marks the third time the game has been played. Two of the remaining three were played at the Forum, and one was held at the Los Angeles Sports Arena.

The last time an All-Star game was held there was in 2011 and fans were treated to a Kobe Bryant spectacular. He represented L.A. and fans got to watch him face off with Lebron, which was a desired matchup at the time. Kobe would go home with the MVP capping off a memorable weekend in Los Angeles. Making him the third Lakers All-Star to win MVP in L.A. along side Shaquille O’Neal and Jerry West.

By the time 2018 rolls around it will be interesting to see what players comprise the teams. With talented rookies in the league and rising stars, it will be a younger new look for the NBA. Hopefully, the Los Angeles Lakers or Clippers will have a talent that will proudly represent the city when that game comes.