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Star Wars Battlefront Slated for November Release

After much anticipation, the trailer finally came.

No, not the new trailer for The Force Awakens. It was the trailer from EA DICE for the new Star Wars Battlefront videogame.

Guests at Friday morning’s panel at Star Wars Celebration did not have to wait long to finally see the new in game footage for one of the most anticipated Star Wars videogames ever made. It previewed at the beginning of the panel, receiving huge applause from an eager audience who has adored the Battlefront franchise.

“I think I’m going to pass out,” exclaimed host David Collins after he came on stage. “That was incredible.”

The panel consisted of VP and Executive Creative Director of Lucasfilms Doug Chang and the team at EA DICE answering questions about the process of developing a new, revolutionary game. When originally releasing a short video documenting their progress at E3, it was well documented that DICE was taking painstaking measures to provide the most real Star Wars experience possible.

“Being amongst the props from the original trilogy of movies, looking at Darth Vader’s helmet and mask, and just feeling you’re amongst history,” said senior producer Sigurlína Ingvarsdóttir of Star Wars Battlefront when discussing her visit to Skywalker Ranch. “And feeling the responsibility of being a part of this incredible universe.”

“When I entered the archives in the beginning, I was paralyzed in the beginning,” explained Design Director Niklas Fegraeus. “I couldn’t work.”

DICE has been known to push the boundaries of technology in videogames, but they also wanted to make sure to create the greatest installment of the Battlefront franchise that they could. “In general, DICE has always been trying to push technology and make sure we are at the forefront of interactive media,” explained DICE general manager Patrick Bach. ”Its not only about technology, its about the team, the talent, the techniques you used. What better project than a Star Wars game to do it for.”

Image property of Lucasfilm.
Image property of Lucasfilm.

It has been well known that DICE would employ their Frostbite engine for Star Wars Battlefront. What was a bit unclear was what battles the game would include, as well as other finer aspects of gameplay.

The team revealed that players can switch between first and third person perspective during gameplay. They also stated that many classic battles would be included in Star Wars Battlefront, including new worlds and battles such as the planet Sullust and the Battle of Jakku.

And if you are wondering if that is the same Jakku that was mentioned in yesterdays panel, you are correct. The team at DICE confirmed that Star Wars Battlefront would include tie ins to the new movie. While the game itself is slated for a November 17th release date (the movie a month later on December 20th), The Battle of Jakku downloadable content will be made available on December 8th. It will be released a week earlier, December 1st, to those who preorder Star Wars Battlefront.

This is truly the year of Star Wars with the new movie being accompanied by a videogame that promises to exceed expectations for a beloved videogame franchise. DICE impressed their audience at today’s panel and only built greater excitement and expectations.

And for those who are curious to see just what to expect come November, watch the trailer below.

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