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Strange Magic Makes Way For Your Inner Beauty to Shine!

A story about true love, love that sees beauty from the inside, that is what Strange Magic is. An animated film from George Lucas that comes out on Friday containing a beautiful message to all people not just children about being yourself without trying to be someone else. This society as seen everyday on TV, social media and magazines emphasizes outer beauty and how important it is to have it. Top stories like Kim Kardashian injected this to herself or wore that, make headlines everyday. How can people change and feel perfectly normal in their skin when everything that surrounds us is how physical beauty surpasses inner beauty? Very rare will you see positive news where inner beauty is the hero and when it does  make the news it only lasts for that day, on the contrary to “bad” news, which makes news for weeks.

Thanks to George Lucas and the rest of the cast “Strange Magic” can be a great example that no matter how you look like or where you come from there is true love out there for you. It’s a great film filled with music that children and adults are familiar with. The color in their voices defines each character and gives the movie that extra touch for people to enjoy and sing-along. Heartbreaks are common, maybe children aren’t familiar with that yet, but for adults the pain that some of the characters face can be similar to our everyday life.

Most of us have been friend-zoned and didn’t know how to breakaway from that group, there was that constant trying to stand out so your crush can see that you want to be more than just a friend, but failed at it. This movie let’s children understand that one-day even if you are friend-zoned the boy or girl from your dreams will finally notice you the way you want to be noticed without having to be someone else. Like Elijah Kelley the actor for Sunny said “there was a little girl who just interviewed us and we asked…what was your favorite character and…the girl was like oh my God I loved the Bog King…that’s so beautiful that message that translated through that no matter what you look like no matter where you come from you know size, shape there’s love for everyone…”

That’s what “Strange Magic” is, a hope for humanity telling them to not worry about what they look like. Not only that but it also is an out-of-the-box musical where each song pertains to what the character is experiencing and if you look closely some of the animated characters have some similar physical characteristics to the real-life actors.

The characters of Sunny and Dawn gave us an exclusive interview of how they got their role in “Strange Magic,” I auditioned for it in 2011, I actually auditioned for Marianne first and I related to Marianne a lot more in life [than] I do with Dawn,” said Meredith Anne Bull which plays Dawn in the film “when I got it I was like, am I gonna be able to do this [because] I do have a high voice I guess but I don’t usually use it in such loving ways.” She continued to tell us that she auditioned for it about four to five times and had a blast with her character.

I had the pleasure of working for Lucas Films on a 2012 release called “Red Tails…,” says Elijah Kelley whom portrays the character of Sunny “…it was a pleasure to work for George! I honestly was like I don’t know if I’m ever going to get this opportunity again, but I did and it was through this” Kelley says.  “We kept in touch and we have a great relationship now and when he was doing this film you know he told me about it,” Elijah continued to tell us, “but I had to audition like a lot and in the end he tells me, last week when we were doing press releases, “oh yeah you know when I was writing it I was writing it for you.”

“Strange Magic” will definitely not disappoint if you like deep, beautiful messages, the animation is superb as well, when the characters come up close to the big screen you can see the quality of the technology they used on this film. If you have nothing to do this weekend take the kids or yourself to watch this amazing film. Enjoy!

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Jazmin Bolanos

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