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Six years. That’s an ‘eternity’ in the music industry. Long time punk-tech staggers, Strung Out, are back with their follow-up, Transmission.Alpha.Delta, marking their first album in six years since their Agents of the Underground album. This is the longest gap they’ve had in between discs.

Many things have changed since their last album, the band took some time out to ‘live life a little’ so that they are able to transform their experiences into their music. And their plan worked just fine, many of the songs on this album relate to the various obstacles and difficulties that people deal with today. For instance, the struggles with drug addiction, faith, and even technology.

“I think that’s pretty important if you consider yourself a songwriter or an artist of any kind. You have to live and experience other things in your life to have something to write about, to give value to what you’re singing about.” shared the band.

Strung OutGrab your headphones and get ready to rock out, because Strung Out has made an album that not only proves a good time, but can also get you in the mood for some wishful thinking. Twelve invigorating modern tech-punk songs live up to the expectations of a younger audience. Touching on various subjects, one of them being drug addiction; songs such as: “Telsa,” “Modern Drugs” and “Magnolia”lyrically explain the struggles and put them into perspective.

In this album the band was able to switch it up, mix up the tempos and tune more into an E flat vibe giving the guitars a better tone. Strung out was able to re-create a different vibe in every song. Like mentioned earlier, some songs talk on the hardships of today, and some are more at ease and talk about their own lives. “No Apologies” starts off by having a child’s voice in the beginning saying the following “Because I am doing my music,” the tempo then slowly drops and goes into the touching lyrics that gives an audience a sense of awe. As the song comes to an end, the last line drops “would you listen to me and not mistakes I’ve made…As I watch this world slowly slip away,”  and that’s just a snippet of how deep this song is.

Just like every artist, the band hopes this album is one of their best of all time. Frontman Jason Cruz, is one of the band’s and his own harshest critic, therefore when the singer shared that this might be one of his favorite albums, it must mean something special.

“I don’t want Strung Out to be a nostalgia punk band at all. I wanna be right here, right now. I consider it an honor to be a musician and to contribute to everything that came before me.” shares singer, Jason Cruz.

It is quite evident that Transmission.Alphs.Delta is written for an audience who appreciates the sound of guitars clashing together and lyrics that speak to the soul. No doubt, their album is far from nostalgic, modernize it is.

UPCOMING Tour Dates:

04.02 – Santa Barbara, CA. > Velvet Jones
04.03 – Santa Ana, CA. > The Observatory
04.04 – Tempe, AZ. > Tempe Beach Park
04.09 – San Francisco, CA. > DNA Lounge
04.10 – Portland, OR. > Hawthorne Theatre