Strung Out Starts Fresh with New EP, “Black Out the Sky”

Punk band Strung Out released their newest EP “Black Out the Sky” May 11, via Fat Wreck Chords.

The idea of rebirth powerfully resonates throughout the entire eight tracks of the new EP, what took nearly a full year to make and record in 2017. For the first time, Strung Out has produced an entirely acoustic addition to their three decades worth of music with “Black Out the Sky.”

“Every song starts on an acoustic guitar for the most part,” said Strung Out vocalist, Jason Cruz “If it’s a good song, it can be played acoustic. For about the past five years, I’ve been pushing the band to try an acoustic release. These guys are great musicians—we can do anything.”

Cruz also said “Black Out the Sky” explores internal realms of himself he is yet to understand especially after coming from a young punk rocker mindset that wanted to “destroy” everything, such as the government and religion.

“Punk rock did that. What are you going to replace it with? Black Out the Sky is all about looking inward and finding what’s always been there, that intuition, that something to all of us. I don’t know what it is, but it’s the journey to find it and acknowledge it,” said Cruz.

The album also comes with the enlistment of a new drummer, Sean Winchester from Everclear and Buckcherry, to fill for the void of Jordan Burns, who departed Strung Out after being with the band since 1993, a necessary move to keep the alive.

“It needed to happen for the band to survive and grow. We got to a point where we were going to break up if it didn’t,” said Cruz.

Strung Out will go on tour following the release of “Black Out the Sky” that will hit LA’s Regent Theater on May 18. Tickets for the show and other dates for the tour can be found at the Fat Wreck Chord’s website.

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