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SuperDraft Fantasy is a new easy and fun way for fans to win easy cash by drafting players on a week to week basis. Launching it’s new game mode at the end of September, Super 15. Before it officially launched the first person to ever play the new game mode and draft players was none other than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback, Richard Sherman. Sherman, drafted the first ever lineup on the PFF’s The Richard Sherman Podcast. 

SuperDraft is the first-to-market with this game mode aimed at casual sports fans rather than hardcore daily fantasy players. Since its launch, over 60 percent of active SuperDraft players have played Super 15, with over 55 percent of those players winning cash. Which means you can win too. 

It’s simple Super 15 was modeled after a popular meme, giving fans the opportunity to draft a lineup in seconds by selecting players assembled in a 5×5 player grid. Players have $15 to select 5 players by simply tapping on the players icon in the app, players are valued between $1-$5. With a limited player pool and selection tool it makes drafting and winning that much easier for the casual fan. 

“Super 15 gets rid of the spreadsheet look and feel and replaces it with something that actually looks like a game. We’re proud to create a fantasy game designed for real sports fans not algorithms,” said Steve Wang founder and CEO of SuperDraft. 

The game is currently available for all mobile devices and will be coming to desktop by November. These daily fantasy sports contests are legal in more than 35 states and free to play in 48 states. To play now simply go to SuperDraft in your app store and follow the rules.