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Tahj Mowry “Dancing Alone” But Not For Too Long!

He does it again! The 28-year-old actor and singer Tahj Mowry, hits us with his most recent hot-track Dancing Alone. As if the Baby Daddy actor wasn’t busy enough, he surprises us with a new “funktastic” tune filled with a beat that will get you into a dancing mood no matter where you are. His new track is “off the hook” as some of his Twitter followers described his song, as if that was a shock because his last track Bossy was “on fire” and it showed with how much love and support the Hawaiian native received.

If you haven’t heard the track yet you can listen to it on Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes or you can get a free download at his personal website www.TahjMowryofficial.com. It’s a definite “club banger” and once you hear it you’ll notice a smooth and sexy transition between funk, R&B the now popular beat of EDM. He’s come a long way since his starts in Smart Guy and Sister Sister, he started out singing cover songs from his favorite artists and now he’s committed into making his own music.IMG_1241

The triple-threat artist shows us he’s a natural when it comes to the entertainment business. There are very few people who can do it all and still be successful, Tahj Mowry is a role model to people of all ages especially to his fellow colleagues in the show business. If in some weird case you haven’t heard any of the two-tracks mentioned before, you’ll quickly hear a similarity to Prince, which he has said to be one of his musical inspirations.

As if his music and acting along prestigious people wasn’t enough, he has been seen dancing alongside Michael Jackson, Prince and Mariah Carey, I mean who else can say they had the privilege to share the stage with these three music icons? We were able to speak to him at the Hollywood Movie Premiere of McFarland, USA where he gave us an insight of his hit-show Baby Daddy and where he likes to dance.

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Jazmin Bolanos

Jazmin graduated from CSUF with a degree in broadcast journalism. She is of Mexican & Honduran descent where she got her gift and love of dancing. Jazmin is a proud Latina who loves to communicate to people through the art of journalism. "Empower others; Become successful together" Instagram: @Jaz_M.U.S.E

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