Take A Listen And Look At BTS’s J-Hope’s Mixtape And Music Video “Daydream,” But Wait There Is A Mystery In Store

The day is finally here!  BTS’s J-Hope has made good on his promise. BTS’s source of sunshine and eternal ball of energy has finally dropped his mixtape with 7 fun and emotionally packed tracks. The tape, dubbed Hope World, shows off the rappers skills with beats, words and even singing.

The mixtape, which drop today (March 1st in the USA), is the first new music from BTS in 2018. It is J-Hope first mixtape and BTS’s 3rd mixtape,  following RM’s Eponymous mixtape and Suga’s Agust D mixtape. Hope World is a mixture of retro vibes, easy beats and hard rhymes. The first half of the tape is comprised of laid-back tracks with the later part of the tape hitting harder.

In the title track “Hope World”J-Hope compares his life to that of the classic tale, 20000 Leagues Under the Sea.  The track also has a retro vibe with melodic beat. But the literary references did not stop there. J-Hope goes on to imagine his life as Alice from Alice in Wonderland in the lead track, “Daydream.” In this song, which has 90s vibes and laid-back vocals, the rapper and dancer explores the idea of being a public figure and wanting privacy.

Since the release of his mixtape, J-Hope’s Hope World has been trending on social media pushing the tape to the top on iTunes world wide, but he did not stop there. He blessed his fans with a music video for “Daydream” today as well. The music video is already trending worldwide on YouTube. The music video combines both humor and a sense of seriousness with bright colors, beautiful backdrops, animation and J-Hope’s serious swagger.

After making good on his promise and even blessing us with a music video, He took to the group’s V Live App to tease the fans. Yes, Hobbie loves having fun. During his V Live chat he joked, “One of the members is in the music video. Try looking for him!” This has sent the groups super fans, known as Army, into a tail spin with most speculating that J-Hope is referring to the hand in the music video as belonging to of the members of BTS. But BTS took the speculation a step farther, posting a photo of J-Hope, Jin, and RM on the set of the J-Hope’s music video. We are thinking this is a clue.

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