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Since  Hollywood’s most famous theater opened its doors 90 years ago,  it’s been an iconic entertainment landmark. The TCL Chinese Theater has been the location for many star studded red carpet premieres and the spot to find celebrity hand and footprints. Now, the Chinese Theater is gearing up to launch something that few have yet ventured into which is Esports. Many know Esports (e-sports, eSports, competitive or  pro video gaming) is the hottest form of competition on one’s personal computer, game consoles, and even mobile devices.

The TCL Theater was the first to create the world’s largest IMAX theater, following it up with laser technology. Now in adjacent to their Chinese 6 Theater, this advanced sports theater will function as both an MX4D Motion EFX movie theater as well as the first immersive spectator theater hosting competitive sports tournaments. All parts will provide and launch a network of tournament theaters that go beyond Hollywood.TLC Chinese Theater

Alwyn Hight Kushner, the president and CEO of the TCL Chinese Theatres says, “MX4D Motion EFX theaters will provide our customers with a unique and immersive cinema experience.” He also mentions how films will now be brought to life with the creation of this theater that will result in the TCL Chinese Theater having a big role in the world of competitive gaming.

MediaMation, an interactive technology company and a worldwide leading supplier and manufacturer will provide innovative technological solutions to the entertainment market with their seats of patented technology for 4D/5D motion  EFX theaters. Dan Janelle, the CEO of MediaMation says, “Esports is a fast paced, high action form of entertainment and our MX4D® Motion EFX theaters provides the audience the most engaging and immersive viewing experience.”

The MX4D experience will not only benefit just gamers, but also movie watchers. This experience will take watching a movie to the next level, far beyond sound and Real X-3D. Each seat in this MX4D theater will be sync’d to the film for a more exciting and realistic watching experience. Guests will get to feel whatever is going on in the movie ranging from jolts, pokes, wind, water and even scents. A date has not been released for the grand opening but when it does, make sure to enjoy the industry’s first Esports experience as your MX4D seats roll and tilt in a heart-pounding clash between world class teams. Prepare to feel the action as competitors bash, smash, maneuver, shoot, blow-up, and knock down a competitor while racking up points leading them to victory.

Lidia Mosqueda

Lidia Mosqueda, a graduate from California State University Fullerton, has been a news correspondent for MUSE TV since 2017. She has covered various newsworthy events such as; press junkets, film & tv screenings, premieres, concerts, red carpets and other public events. As a bilingual journalist she has written about various musicians and artists in Latin entertainment, helping to bring attention to many Latin American talent, here in the states. As a journalist in the entertainment field. Her goal is to break down the stereotypes and assumptions that surround entertainment journalism.