Teenage Bottlerocket and Face To Face Perform Two Nights At House of Blues Anaheim

Teenage Bottlerocket
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Teenage Bottlerocket and Face To Face rock the House of Blues in Anaheim in two days at the venue


Ever need an excuse to leave the kids at home and throw on some pogo dancing shoes? Teenage Bottlerocket and Face to Face show at the Anaheim House of Blues was just that reason for dedicated punk music lovers. Kicking off the show was Blacklist Royals, a punk-rock band formed in Nashville, Tennessee.

Then, as promised, Teenage Bottlerocket got the venue rattling and rolling. A techie with a gorilla mask introduced the band, comically flaunting a chainsaw and taunting the crowd to cheer louder. And the crowd definitely did when the band stepped on stage.

The support Teenage Bottlerocket gets from their fans didn’t happen overnight. Formed by twin brothers Ray and Brandon Carlisle, TBR has been working at it for over eleven years, and coming from Laramie, Wyoming, they’ve got a lot to show for their hard work. Initially on Red Scare Records, they released several EPs and a few full-length albums, which were just enough to spark Fat Wreck Chords’ interest.

In 2009, they landed themselves a deal with Fat Wreck Chords and have since followed it up with the juicy 2012 release of Freak Out!, their fifth full length album.

The success of the punk-pop force makes them no strangers to worldwide tours, including Australia and Southeast Asia, but luckily, this year they teamed up with Face to Face to tour North America, landing them at the Anaheim House of Blues. They seamlessly transitioned from one head-banging song to the next, keeping the audience (especially those mildly inebriated) bouncing on their toes. A great moment during TBR’s set was when the gorilla-faced techie came back onstage with a huge sign reading, “POGO DANCE!” For those unfamiliar with pogo dancing, one: get out and go to more punk sows, and two: be prepared to jump up and down like a pogo-stick nonstop. Pogo dancing to TBR’s most upbeat songs pulled the crowd into an even more energy filled frenzy.

TBR threw in a few beloved covers with their set, including a classic Beastie Boys song, “No Sleep Till Brooklyn.” No doubt, Teenage Bottlerocket knows how to give their fans the heart pounding show they want, which is probably why they make the perfect tour partners for Face to Face.

Finishing up the show the right way, Face to Face came onstage with a more classic, almost fifties vibe. Vocalist, Trever Keith, wore a plain white shirt with black suspenders to match his black pants and shoes. Such a simple look to match the seemingly simple effort these guys have to put into performing a perfect show. Keith has had plenty of practice, though, since he formed the band in 1991.

Originating from Victorville, California, the band was closer to home at this Anaheim show, which was probably why they comfortably played songs for their hometown crowd from their new 2013 album, Three Chords and a Half Truth. Fans loved the new songs, but as expected, they went wild for the tried and true Face to Face. Closing the show, Face to Face played probably their most well-known and best song since 1994, “Disconnected.” Singing along with the chorus, everyone in the building found themselves screaming, “you don’t know what you will give up.” And luckily for Anaheim House of Blues, the venue didn’t have to give up anything for this damn-good show to play again the following night.

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