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Los Angeles – Last Tuesday night, Tegan and Sara gave a concert that demonstrated their tremendous, musical evolution, performing a variety of songs from their early indie/alternative rock days to their present new wave/synth pop hits. The sister duo are like the models of the music scene—they’ve been around forever, and whatever they put on, it’s still stunning. With a sold out show at the Teragram Ballroom, it doesn’t matter what sounds come from Tegan and Sara because their fans continue to follow their irresistible rhythm and catchy, melodious harmonies.

Tegan and Sara melted the hearts of everyone in the room due to their enthralling ability to genuinely connect to people. Throughout the concert, the pair continuously made their fans feel loved and welcomed by sharing personal stories about their day to day lives living in Los Angeles. They took the time to engage the audience and describe the various moments in their lives that created the material in their album.

When the Canadian indie pop duo first hit mainstream, their songs included punk and rock influences with raw vocals, heavy guitar riffs, and angsty drums. There were also plenty of moments filled with acoustic pop pieces that defined their dynamic power. This edge slowly morphed into a dance infused electropop as they added synthesizers and programmed drums to their song structure. This finely mixed combination of fresh indie pop made Tegan and Sara one of the most contemporary unique pop sounds. While their shift might have seemed sudden to some fans, this contemporary pop sound did not change their style, it enhanced their performance by reaching wider audiences.

The backdrop of their set was full of cushiony soft chiffon layers lit with yellow incandescent lights which created a vibrant yet illuminating ambience. “When I get a little scared… I’m not unfaithful but I’ll Stray”…Everyone instantly jumped, cheered, and sang along when the beginning beats of Back in Your Head rang through the speakers. A familiar song reminded everyone that they can express a level of emotional depth and meaning in their music even when the melody swings to pop. Their set was diverse and sweet as they contrasted songs like I was a fool with Walking With a Ghost.

The duo surprised everyone by playing a few of their new songs from their upcoming eighth studio album, Love You to Death. The pair introduced their new songs, U-Turn and Boyfriend as if they were giving an early birthday gift. The songs are, well, dreamy with all the sentimental, grounded lyrics that fans know and cherish.

Love You to Death debuts June 3, 2016 Check out for more information on upcoming news!