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Get ready to post those Instagram-worthy pics.

Refinery29 will share its popular art exhibition, 29Rooms, with the west coast for the first time this weekend in Downtown LA.

Coined as a “funhouse for adults” with installations of various interactive elements surrounded by vibrant colors and glimmering backdrops it is the perfect photo-op for the devoted Instagrammer.

What started off in New York, the immersive exhibition features 29 “rooms” transformed into art pieces themed under “Turn It Into Art,” to combine style, culture with technology in order to spark conversations, positivity and change circling around current societal topics such as gender neutrality, healthcare, women’s rights.

Singers Demi Lovato and Janelle Monáe joined forces among the collection of sponsors and collaborators from art, entertainment, technology and organization such as SheaMoisture, The Art Elysium, Marc Jacobs DAISY, Emma Roberts, Jill Soloway, Benjamin Shine, Sasheer Zamata, Lilly Singth, Chole x Halle, Lizzo, Chloe Wade, and more.

Here Our Top Rooms to Check Out:

  1. “The New World” collaboration with Toyota:

Placed within the walls of a movie set with a multicolor whirlwind backdrop of Los Angeles, this art piece features the all-new Toyota Camry as its starring role. Viewers can even get a taste of the fresh features Toyota offers in their latest edition by enjoying the interactive elements incorporated throughout the piece, such as the fearless astronaut “extra” that looms above to demonstrate the 2018 model’s sunroof.

  1. “Become the Masterpiece”:

Artist Alexa Meade clashes black and white with colorful geometric pattern in her double room canvas, including the brightly animated garments she painted to go along with the piece for guests to wear so that they fully become absorbed into masterpiece.

29Rooms 1 web

Artist Alexa Meade at 29Rooms. Photo by Michael Sandoval/MUSE

  1. “Ocean of Creativity”:

Korean Contemporary artist Jee Young Lee transformed a collection of crumbled newspapers, cardboard, plastic bags and coffee stained doilies found along New York City into a sustainable seascape portrait comprised of whales, seagulls and a sailboat.

  1. Bright Future”:

Planned Parenthood created a large neon sign-like structure with images of male and female anatomy to share the message of information and quality healthcare to all.

  1. “Hear Our Voice”:

This installation is inspired by the Women’s March as it features pop art-like images of women who helped to transform the past. Carrying on their legacy, guests are invite to create their own activism by addressing postcards to actual state Representatives that will be mailed after 29Rooms ends.


Photo by Michael Sandoval/MUSE

  1. “What’s Your Frequency”:

Janelle Monáe combines technology, conformity and the idea of mass surveillance in her piece that features black and white faceless mannequins chained together at the ankles. As guests walk up to the exhibition they are recorded on tape that appear on several large TV screens inside this room.

Janelle Monae web 29Rooms

Photo by Michael Sandoval/MUSE

  1. “The Power Parlor”:

Demi Lovato fans can match ink with the “Confident” singer in her temporary tattoo parlor to empower guests with resilience and courage. Exhibition goers are greeted with large black and white lion and are welcome to choose from five tattoo designs.

Demi Lovato 29Rooms Installation

Demi Lovato 29Rooms Installation. Photo by Michael Sandoval/MUSE

  1. “One Woman, Many Crowns”:

Guests can step into Queen Elizabeth II’s lavish royal showroom that features stunning interpretations of her many crowns inspired by the roles she portrays during her reign and in Netflix’s “The Crown.”

  1. “Portraits of Self Expression”:

Surrounded by purple, black and glimmering hue, Urban Decay invites guests to express themselves in the framed mirrors to inspire individuality and creativity.

  1. “The Trophy Room:”

This piece features a podium of trophies inspired by the life of Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding. Based on the new biography flick, “I, Tonya,” starring Margot Robbie which takes on the infamous attack of fellow skater Nancy Kerrigan during the 1994 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, the exhibition encompasses the struggles that athletes face while attempting to make it to the top by displayed in the disfigured trophies prominent in this display.

If you go:

Where: 29Rooms at THE ROW DTLA Row; 777 Alameda St

When: December 7-10 & December 14-17 (All dates currently sold out) from 11am- 10pm