Test your IMF agent skills in the Mission Impossible “Room Escape” at the AMC Theater in Century City

Mission impossible escape room
Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Six or seven aspiring agents are locked inside an agents’ safe room and are given 20 minutes to escape before the room detonates.

Cue the Mission Impossible theme music.

The 20-by-20 foot room contains messages and clues that may seem confusing at first but make sense progressively.

On and along the walls are IMF apparatus, maps, computers, and clocks representing times from different countries, all of these represent clues towards an escape.

An important black light comes in conveniently to scan and illuminate a secret necessary password.

Together the agents contribute their skills and race to find the hidden code needed for a safe getaway.


In the end those worthy agents will receive a promotional gift.

To reserve a spot online visit http://www.missionimpossible.com/roomescape/.

The Room Escape experience will conclude Sunday.

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