The 17th Door Haunted House Not For the Faint of Heart

Tustin, CA – With an overwhelming amount of choices to spend your money this year on Halloween attractions, and you are a horror seeker like I am, you will not regret spending money at The 17th Door; a haunt worth every penny. The 17th Door Haunted House located at the Tustin Marketplace in Orange County offers a unique, thrilling (or rather terrifying), 30-minute experience for those who want to be scared this Halloween season.

The 17th Door Haunted House clearly did not whip up their idea of how the maze would be executed overnight. With seemingly months of planning, a formulated, well thought out idea comprised the ultimate horror maze. Instead of throwing scary, classic Halloween figures in your face, 17th Door designed a story in which patrons walk in the shoes of Paula, a high school graduate approaching college. You enter the maze in Room 1 with a group of people as “students” at Gluttire University and as you continue your way through the sinister hallways, disturbing locker rooms, eerie dorms, and foul smelling cafeteria, you eventually meet Paula. After that point, you complete the maze and carry on through Paula’s eyes.

Each room is significantly different than the previous room and the 17th Door makes sure that everyone is immersed into each of their five senses. By first signing a waiver upon entering the maze, you are at the “mercy” of whatever lurks within the haunt. This means you agree to virtually anything imaginable. You may be petrified, offended, sprayed on, harassed, shocked, and as a result possibly pee your pants or faint. This is all part of the brilliant plan that the creators of 17th Door had in mind while designing the maze. A complete interactive experience for everyone!

If you are looking for a true scare somewhere you have never been before, The 17th Door Haunted House is the perfect idea… if you are brave enough. The audience preferred is 16 years and older. Buy your tickets now through November 1st!

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