The Disney Craze Continues with the Vans Disney Collection

disney collection vansVans Release a Disney inspired collection.

Disneyland has always been a popular attraction to visit for locals and tourists alike but lately the happiest place on earth seems to be growing even more popular than ever before.

Retailers, such as Vans have caught wind of the Disney craze and have begun creating Disney inspired merchandise. This month Vans released their DISNEY COLLECTION. The collection is available on the  Vans and  PacSun website! How exciting is that!?

The Vans Disney collection is so loud and vibrant! The patterns bring out your inner child! Plus everyone needs at least one vibrant shoe in their closet that can make the most simple outfit pop!

Items from the collection have already sold out! With the amount of success the line has received in such a short period of time it is safe to guess more Disney inspired collections will be available in the near future!

What do you think about all the Disney inspired collections coming out?!

Disney Collection Vans:

Disney Collection Vans

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