The Flatliners drop fourth LP – Dead Language with Fat Wreck Chords

The FlatlinersCanadian ska-punk band The Flatliners just dropped their fourth full-length LP – Dead Language with Los Angeles-based label Fat Wreck Chords (Fat Mike – NOFX) this morning.

Dead Language marks three years in the making since Cavalcade (2010), The Flatliners’ third and most adorned full-length LP was released.

Being the gem of an album that it is, it brought notable bands like A Wilhelm Scream and Dillinger Four up in the mix with tracks like “Shithawks” and “Bleed.”

Cavalcade was so legit that it albums was nominated for and rightfully won the inaugural, annual “Best Band Ever” award given by the Edmonton Vinyl Blog DigitalIsDead. In addition, Cavalcade was the frontrunner for their annual “Record Of The Year” award for 2010.

Goes to show that The Flatliners are a Canadian quadrat to be reckoned with.

What should we expect in the sense of the album’s underlining lyrical content in the band’s’ latest LP? Let’s see what the band has to say:

“This record was basically written about the last three years of my life and the people’s lives around me. Within the last three years, there are big changes in my life and other people’s lives, like there always are. It’s because of those big changes that happen through those years, I feel like it’s why the album is so conflicted. It’s me literally figuring out my life and me writing lyrics about it. If you get hurt by someone, any musician does this, you’re gonna take that pain and turn it to a song or a hundred songs. There is always changes, the lyrical landscape is basically the last three years of my life and it’s a little gnarlier than the other records lyrically.”Chris Cresswell (guitarist/vocalist)

Cresswell noted that the band highly enjoyed making Dead Language, the first album where they shared production credits with longtime producer Steve Rizun (The Creepshow, Mean Tangerine), who’s been involved in all of their albums.

Long time devotees of The Flatliners will notice that the band’s earlier ska-punk days are all but a nostalgic memory on Dead Language, with more mature sounding, rocked-out punk filling in its place.

When it all comes down to the nitty-gritty of it, if you don’t check out their newest LP – Dead Language, then we’re just not speaking the same language here. Get it. Bump it. Put it on repeat.

Snag Dead Language here!

Track List:

1: Resuscitation of the Year
2: Bury Me
3: Birds of England
4: Drown in Blood
5: Sew My Mouth Shut
6: Caskets Full
7: Ashes Away
8: Hounds
9: Dead Hands
10: Quitters
11: Tail Feathers
12: Young Professionals
13: Brilliant Resilience

Check the band out on the remaining tour dates:

09/17/13 Indianapolis, IN at Hoosier Dome
09/20/13 Guelph, ON Canada at Vinyl
09/21/13 Newmarket, ON Canada at Stellar Hall
10/12/13 Sao Paulo, Brazil at WROS Festival
10/16/13 Cambridge, MA at The Sinclair
10/17/13 Philadelphia, PA at Voltage Lounge
10/18/13 Brooklyn, NY at TBA
10/18/13 Brooklyn, NY at Music Hall of Williamsburg Fat Showcase
10/19/13 Rochester , NY at The Bug Jar
10/30/13 Ybor City, FL at The Ritz (Main Stage)
11/01/13 Gainesville, FL at Florida Theater Of Gainesville FEST 12
11/02/13 Gainesville, FL at Loosey’s Fest Brunch (CHRIS CRESSWELL SOLO)

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