The Four: Battle for Stardom Week 4 Recap

Episode four of The Four: Battle for Stardom aired last night on FOX featuring new challengers going up against the members of the coveted Four. And for those that missed episode three, I must forewarn you that there have been some changes to the four. Singers Cheyenne Elliot and Candice Boyd lost their seats, welcoming The Four’s newest members; singer, Tim Johnson Jr. and hip-hop artist, Rell Jerv. However, the longest running member at the time, Zhavia and soul-singer, Jason Warrior had protected their seats against their chosen challengers.

The Four opened the show with a energy-filled cover of Bruno Mars and Cardi B’s most current chart topping remix of ‘Finesse’. A few challengers graced the stage that didn’t “come to eat” as Diddy and super producer, DJ Khaled would say. This included a pop/rock singer that performed “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Chainsmokers and a confident R&B singer that performed “Jealous” by Nick Jonas. But, not until he tied his female-named scarf around the mic-stand.

Jason Warrior went head-to-head with the first challenger of the night; a former back-up singer for Brandy, Keyshia Cole and more. In the end, Jason defeated the challenger and secured his seat for the night. Zhavia, a clear favorite of the judges, did not share the same fate however when she got chosen to battle against newcomer Kendyle Paige who made it very clear that she was better than the dread-locked artist. The 16-year-old performed Rihanna’s “Diamonds” followed by Kendyle who sang “Pillowtalk” by Zayn Malik. Almost all of the judges felt that Kendyle had the best performance, regardless of their personal biases in favor of the long-time four member Zhavia. DJ Khaled even repeatedly stated his stress levels being higher than wanted due to the situation. And after the fans submitted their votes, the verdict did not rule in favor of Zhavia. Kendyle won the battle and a seat on The Four, sending the longest member of The Four home.

Visibly distraught, Judge Meghan Trainor blatantly stated that she felt Zhavia was the best person on the entire show. Coupled with loads of tears and after a brief moment of tension between Diddy and herself, Meghan even voiced that she felt was completely falling apart because Zhavia was the clear winner of the battle in her opinion. And after the biggest upset of the season on The Four: Battle for Stardom, the final Four of the night who will be seen in next week’s episode include Jason Warrior, Tim Johnson Jr., Kendyle Paige and Nick Harrison. Don’t forget to tune in next Thursday night on FOX at 8 p.m. ET. You WON’T want to miss it!

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