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As my partner, Alexa Lowery, and I drove to Nevada in our magnificent Jucy RV, we were absolutely ecstatic about what was to come. Further Future (FF002) had been one of the most highly anticipated events of 2016 and we certainly had a great feeling about it.

As we set foot on the sand-covered grounds of the Moapa River Indian Reservation, the vibrations of that space were simply incredible. We knew we were in for a treat. We come out here for economical development and this is the first time we’ve really had something of this magnitude and it seems like it’s a really nice success says Ural, a Tribal councilman of the Moapa River Indian Reservation, and my people prosper from that.


Despite the incredibly unexpected rainstorm on Saturday, the festival pulled through in more ways than one. We met up with Christopher Willits, musician, photographer, cinematographer and a member of the ENVELOP Satellite team. ENVELOP is defined by a spherical sound field consisting of 8 columns encircling the space. Each column bears 3 speakers, one at the top, one in the middle and one at the bottom. We entered the ENVELOP space on Saturday night and we experienced sensory overload as the music seeped into our consciousness with divine force. There’s many components to this project and education is a huge component says the artist. Mean, it’s not just about entertainment, it’s not just about making, composing what we feel is the music of the future. It’s also educating people on how this technology can age you in wellness, sound therapy research all things related to vibration and health. We all know that music is a powerful medicine and so when you take that medicine and surround yourself with it and you step inside of it, we feel it’s just that much more powerful.

JacobAvanzato-1238The talks were definitely a highlight of the festival. All this magic took place at Booba Cosmica stage and this was a space where listeners were able to engage with the speakers, exchange ideas and ask questions. After attending a talk with Adam Gazzaley, author of The Distracted Mind and one of the leading neuroscientists in the world, we approached him and asked him what types of projects he is currently working on at the moment and how he plans on bringing them to life. Well, we are going through a very careful process of development as well as validation of new tools. One of our core development projects is video games that we customize in the lab and use it to challenge people’s brains and then validate and empirically show in research that we actually improve their cognitive abilities. Gazzaley is trying make the world think about medicine outside of pharmaceuticals and focus more on what he likes to describe as digital medicine. This is just one example of the innovative dialogue that the festival-goers were absorbing at the Booba Cosmica. Although Richie Hawtin was unable to make it to the festival, the founders of ENTER. Sake were present and happy to speak to us about their company. Starting off as a featured component of Richie Hawtin’s ENTER series which started in Ibiza, it has grown into its own enterprise, bringing sake into the party scene like never before.


Chad LeMieux and William Tigertt of ENTER.Sake gave us the freedom of tasting their three distinguished Japanese rice wines. Our first is our Black Dot which is our Honjozo. We make this in Aichi Prefecture of Japan. It has a little bit more palette weight and depth.

Also taking place at the Booba Cosmica stage was a panel hosted by the Moment Factory team. Home-based in the city of Montreal, Quebec, Moment Factory is an experience design company that is responsible for the biggest multimedia events on the planet such as the Superbowl half time show, concert tours by Madonna and Muse along with Cirque du Soleil spectacles. We conducted a quick interview with the founder of Moment Factory, Sakchin Bessette, and he gave us an insider on what they are presently working on. We’re working a lot with theme parks right now. We’re working on cruise ships also, which is super interesting. We’re opening up a water show with Royal Carribean so it’s like at the back of the ship. In this context, we actually write the story, do the costumes, music and everything so it’s really much more of a show with a lot of multimedia, but there’s also performers and characters.moment factory

It was a true honour to meet and interview some of the torchbearers of the technological revolution and we are so excited to see what the future has in store for them (yes, pun intended).

Shoutout to Jucy RV rental company for providing us with a pleasant mobile home for those three unforgettable days. Not only was the RV spacious, it included a kitchen where we were able to cook our food and boil our water, a fridge that kept our beverages nice and chilled along with a decent-sized sink. The roof of the RV was where we slept, which opened up into a luxurious and comfy penthouse.

WHAT A CRAZY WEEKEND! Take a look at our video package covering FF002!


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Further Future, Christopher Willits & ENVELOP Satellite Team, Jacob Avanzalo

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