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Any dedicated fan of The Killers will know of frontman Brandon Flowers’ longtime infatuation with Bruce Springsteen. Flowers has credited Springsteen as one of his favorite song writers and refers to “The Boss” as “American royalty”.

Yesterday Flowers took to social media to detail the collaboration with his hero, a re-recording of The Killers 2008 track. 

Flowers refers to the track as a form of “therapy” when his mother was battling cancer and passed away two years later.

The collaboration came at the request of Springsteen, which fans can only imagine Flowers was eager to fulfill.

Flowers’ initial reaction was disbelief when he received the request via text from Springsteen, weighing the possibility of it being a “cruel trick”.

Lo and behold there was no cruel trick being played, and The Killers now have a collaboration with Springsteen added to their catalog. 

The song’s release comes with a music video and new merchandise to commemorate Flowers’ career defining collaboration.

“Dustland” is now available for streaming.

Adriana Lopez

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