The Living Breathing is LIVING With Debut Album!

The Living Breathing just debuted their new album titled Plastic and it is anything but fake. No lies, guys, The Living Breathing is really living and WOW, does it sound good.

The Living Breathing calls Tucson, Arizona home, where all the music is written and recorded. Steven Natale (Drums) and Joey Moraga (Bass) collaborated together for 16 years writing and performing original music when they stumbled on YouTube which led them to their now bandmates, Matt Haley (Guitar/Vocals) and Mason Haley (Vocals). TLB has produced many EPs prior to Plastic‘s release but it is always amazing to hear the results of deep passion flowing into hard work when it comes to music.

In their song Plastic, TLB makes a powerful social commentary about how the world is centered around technology and the never ending tangible addiction. Plastic, something that is handled on a daily basis is used as a metaphor that compares to the artificial lives people lead. Plastic phones, computers, and headphones might actually turn people into robots at some point. Music to some extent has been included in this plastic world. So in response to this plastic epidemic TLB writes in their lyrics, “So we sing and we steal the same old plastic songs”. Listen to this song, and you too can sing along to a plastic vibe.

After all, plastic seems like an appropriate title for the album since their songs deal with emotions that are contained from surfacing. All of my middle to high school memories creeped into the back of my mind in their song, Sweat. We all remember that first kiss, that first crush which led to a relationship which felt like sweet eternity. With a tune that reminisces The Used, in this first song on the album, TLB writes “You are the one I left behind, You are the one I couldn’t shake… You’re still the one that makes me Sweat.” Despite recollections of earlier times, their lyrics still stand true to date. I still deal with these same emotions that TLB expresses everyday, which is why this band represents current times.

My personal favorite song is Peace Be With Me. I feel uplifted even with the subtle dark tones that TLB hints at.

Plastic’s got all the feels and The Living Breathing openly invites you to be part of an experience. Plastic is available now on iTunes.

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