The Magician Conjures Spell On The Turntables At Exchange Los Angeles

The Magician
The Magician performs at the Exchange in Los Angeles. Photo By Amanda Hernandez/M.U.S.E.

Some spells are cast by wands. Some by potions. Some by love. Stephan Fasano figured out how to cast spells using nothing more than his nimble fingers on a mixer. The Magician, Fasano’s dj alias, hypnotized LA over the weekend; and he may have forgotten to undo the spell because some are still in a trance over his set.

Just take one deep look into his green eyes, and The Magician can tell you the past, present, and future of Nu Disco. Not too long ago, in an underground club somewhere in Belgium, Fasano emerged from a cloud of smoke. With him, he brought the disco influence of his first duo project, Aeroplane. Fasano was a member of the Aeroplane duo from 2007 to 2010. Wanting to create music that reflected his own funky and mystical spirit, he decided to create his solo project in late 2010. In 2011, The Magician released his debut EP Twist on the French label Kitsuné. Later, putting out the singles “I Don’t Know What To Do” featuring Jeppe Laursen, “Memory,” “When the Night is Over,” and “On My Brain.”

His most recent single, “Sunlight” featuring Years and Years, is possibly the work of the supernatural. A hit that made it to the top ten list in Belgium, “Sunlight” is unfathomably dance-worthy. The vocals from Years and Years float through your mind, wrapping themselves around the nerves that make your body groove. “Sunlight” has reached new heights for Nu Disco, taking you on a magic carpet ride to the highest points of Earth. The future of Nu Disco is on an interstellar journey, because The Magician’s music isn’t bound by the limits of this universe.

At Exchange in LA, The Magician brought some of those otherworldly vibes with him. It seemed fitting for Fasano to be playing at Exchange, which was formerly the location of the Los Angeles Stock Exchange, because his music creates a timeless feeling. In the historic venue, his set seamlessly melded old 1980’s disco with new age electronica. The dance floor was like outer space, with The Magician’s beats effortlessly carrying dancing bodies through the darkness. When he dropped “Sunlight,” outer space was transformed into an ocean, as the dance floor became a sea of good vibes.

While The Magician brought together the energies of attendees, one thing seemed disjointed. The visuals behind The Magician didn’t vibe with the beats he was dropping. They may have been appropriately trippy visuals, with eyes peeping out from unexpected places, but there was just something missing. Such groovy music should be complimented by visuals that follow each beat. Or at least the drops. The visuals could have been part of the magic carpet ride with The Magician, but they unfortunately fell short of the journey.

Good thing you’re likely going to see Fasano to be charmed by his music, not the visuals behind him. If you weren’t able to make it to his LA show, here’s where he’ll be in May:

5/20       Guadalajera, Mexico @ Edison Club

5/21       POTION Mexico City, Mexico @ Sala

5/22       Denver, CO @ Bar Standard

5/24       East Rutherford, NJ @ Electric Daily Carnival – New York

Want to know the future? Go see The Magician. He’ll show you a glimpse.

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