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The Musical Collaboration We Have Been Waiting For

If you have ever looked upon Bad Bunny and J Balvin and hoped that there was a way these two could come together; then this past weekend was your dream come true. On Friday the Latin superstars released their collaborative album “Oasis.” This eight-track, landmark summer album has been making waves all weekend, with the sound of their shared Caribbean culture.

Hailing from Medellin, Colombia, J Balvin has been declared, “Reggeatons Global Ambassador” and is currently one of the world’s top streaming artist. His previous album “Vibras” has propelled him to global mega-star statues. He has become the first Latin artist to headline major music festivals such as Coachella, Solidays and the upcoming Lollapalooza.

Respectively Bad Bunny has been named as the leader of Latin Trap; Rolling Stone Magazine calling him the “Four-Billion Streaming Man.” His unmistakable voice and rhythm have led him to transition to the general market, where he’s already created waves of revolution with his participation in “I Like It” alongside Cardi B and J Balvin, which reached #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. As well as his hit collaboration with Drake, “Mia”, part of his debut album “X 100PRE.”

As their distinctive Latin Urban sound has surged to a still-growing worldwide embrace, a unique factor has been the strong support and continued creative collaborations, as opposed to musical rivalry, that have developed among some of the genre’s leading artists. This is especially apparent in the bond of near brotherhood that has formed between these two artists from opposite Caribbean shorelines.

“I am proud to say I LOVE Bad Bunny; we always seem to be on the same wavelength, as he likes what I like. He is also all about celebrating our culture, while remaining super humble. Working with Benito again has been a musical joy. I am blessed to not only call him my brother, but now a partner on an album that has even become a personal Oasis. I’ve been traveling all over the world the last few months, and anytime it started to feel overwhelming, I’ve been able to listen to the tracks we created, and instantly return ‘Home’ to our own musical paradise. I’m so glad the time has arrived where fans can now share those same new vibes with us.” – J Balvin

Between Colombia’s ‘Global Ambassador of Reggaeton’ and Puerto Rico’s ‘Leader of the Latin Trap explosion.’ J Balvin and Bad Bunny have been at the forefront of propelling Latin music to unprecedented success. Now, close friends Jose and Benito have joined forces to ‘make waves with a fresh Caribbean flow’ on a landmark album taking fans to a summer music Oasis.

In a recent interview with ‘Beats 1’ Balvin spoke about the title of the album and its meaning. Telling; “Do you know what an Oasis is? – Those beautiful places that stand out in the middle of dryness… You see it, and go: ‘That’s special…That’s different’ …And, the way you write it is the same in English & Spanish.”

“Oasis” also contains features from Mr. Eazi and Marciano Cantero of Enanitos Verdes and brought with a simultaneous video release for the first single “Qué Pretendes,” which has already has 9.6 million views.

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Lidia Mosqueda

Lidia Mosqueda

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