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The Network will release their second album, Money Money 2020 Part II this Friday, December 4 on all platforms.

The band had posted two items on social media with one announcing a special 2xLP Gatefold Vinyl will also be available and the album cover for the upcoming release.

In addition the band released side A in another post which gives fans of the band that may or may not be Green Day (But I know the truth of this GD deco spinoff).

In addition they also released a new music video three days ago named Fentanyl with this written in the description, “Trust No One except the almighty Network and snooAnon.”

The Network were formed in the year 2003, fulfilling an ancient prophecy predicting that we, its chosen members, would issue a stern warning to mankind in the form of music. Released as the album titled Money Money 2020 we shined the headlights upon the follies and vanity of man kind. Rapidly achieving fame and fortune, we had often been mistaken as the planets greatest rock ‘n’ roll band Green Day.

In addition to the latest video below you can also see there last video released, “Trans Am” which was released last weekend on November 19.

You can purchase the album The Trans Am EP now and listen to the album below: