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The Rise of Local Los Angeles Artist: Orly Gal

She was born Orly Gal, but once she hits the stage, she simply goes by GAL. I met this artist a few months back at a party in North Hollywood and after hearing her spin at this event, I became very interested in learning about how she came to be such a skilled and talented DJ.


Growing up, Orly and her family moved around, living half of her childhood in Mexico City and the other half in Israel. Her father is Israeli and her mother Polish and Ukranian. At the age of 17, she joined the army as part of a mandatory duty in Israel. Once she completed her duty, she decided it was time for her to start experiencing new things. With this new ambitious mindset, she decided to move to New York, Miami and then Chicago. Today, Gal resides in Los Angeles, California and works as a professional DJ.

Music has always been an integral part of her family’s lifestyle. Her grandfather was the first violinist in the Symphonic Orchestra in Mexico City. GAL still admits that watching him play the violin was one of her favourite things to do as a young girl. Going to see him play was really my first love in music, she says. Her mother played the flute and wanted her to take classes. However, woodwind instruments were not of interest to her at all. Being someone who has always been drawn to movement, Orly wanted to be a dancer growing up. She specialized in theatrical, contemporary and folklore. Over the years, strong desire for dance morphed into a passionate love for playing music.

When living in New York, Orly was working for MTV at the time as a production assistant. One night, she was working a show and the line-up included Radiohead, Beck and The Beastie Boys. It was that night when something clicked in her head; something told her she had to start playing music. Ever since then, she has been playing the bass. Bass has been my instrument since forever she says. I asked her if the reason why she loves techno so much is because of the heavy bass lines. The things that I’m attracted to have a darker undertone to them and bass being so heavy, even when I play piano or anything else, it always gravitates to that side. So yeah, probably she replied.FotorCreated


GAL has played shows at various festivals, parties and venues in Israel, London, Mexico and across the United States. She played her first festival at BPM in Mexico, alongside big names such as Steve Bug, Blondish and Sebastian Ingrosso. She mentioned how playing at that festival was a complete different feel. Being outside, next to the beach, immersed in people’s energies under the moon is an experience like no other.

Her music is a combination of a darker underground techno and tech-house. Im trying to go back and forth to create some sort of a journey. Nicole Moudaber is definitely on the top of my list of people that I look up to. In terms of some of her other big influences, world-renowned DJ’s Seth Troxler and Dubfire are among her favourite producers. 13235028_10153663926142029_1718188816_o

I asked her about the challenges she faces in her life in regards to being a professional female DJ in this male-dominated industry. The fact that, you develop a relationship with the person who either owns the club or who’s booking the club and it comes to a great level and there’s all these promises… but once you get asked out, all these promises go away when you turn things down. It always turns into a weird energy.” She overcomes these frustrating situations by simply doing what she loves. Making music is her passion and she focuses on simply honing her craft in order to play at more shows and festivals around the world.





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Montreal-born journalist/reporter living in Los Angeles, California.
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