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Willow Crest is an up and coming Los Angeles based Indie/Folk band. The members of the band are  Reina Mora and Iran Garcia.

Reina Mora is the lead singer and  Iran Garcia is the guitarist of the band. In addition, they are also both the writers and composers for their music.

Their first single ‘Look At Me’ was  released on January 15th on all major platforms. They performed a livestream concert that was hosted by High Plateau Productions only a couple days after the release for their single. 

‘Look At Me’ music video is set to premiere on January 22nd. Willow Crest will be hosting a zoom watch party where anyone can join in and watch the video with them via Zoom.

After writing their first song together, both Reina and Iran believed they had something authentic and special that was worth sharing with music listeners. 

One member had just left from a relationship while the other left from a divorce. 

They connected after having the need to express their emotions from their past relationship experiences and decided to write songs about unique situations that come from a relationship.

“ Look At Me was inspired by the detachment caused by not being heard, understood, or simply acknowledged,” Willow Crest. 

Willow Crest wants their followers to know that they should always follow what their heart says.

“…being ‘reckless’ isn’t always a bad thing and following your heart even if it may hurt someone else doesn’t mean you’re the villain. That following your gut and finding happiness is what life fundamentally is all about,” Willow Crest.