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The Spirit League Released today their new music video, ‘Scare Easy’ just in time for Halloween which is this weekend.

The Spirit League, an extremely talented quartet of professional touring musicians that have performed on stages with Kacey Musgraves, Willie Nelson, SYML, Jordan Davis and more. Bounded together via a shared passion for music during the COVID-19 outbreak, Kyle Ryan (Producer/Guitarist/Vocals), Cam Brousseau (Producer/Drummer), Spencer Martin (Keyboardist) and Benton Kubicki (Bass) became inspired by the classic horror aesthetic and conjured a time and place where fiction is no more discrete from reality on their debut indie ghost rock album Forever Yours—released via Position Music last month.

Leaning into the social-distancing restrictions imposed on them by the virus, the four musicians used iPhones and creative editing and film techniques to capture a harrowingly beautiful music video for their song “Scare Easy”. Entirely filmed from the bandmates’ respective homes, the retro feeling music video will premiered on The Spirit League’s YouTube Channel – four days before Halloween. Using white bedsheets to mimic ghostly spirits and spooky old black-and-white photos, the video evokes an unsettling vibe over the hook: “I tell myself I don’t scare easy/’Cause if I turn around it might just see me” as the group attempts to comfort themselves through their greatest fears. 

“We didn’t want to let the coronavirus slow us down as artists. When all our tour dates and gigs got cancelled, instead of sulking, we saw an opportunity to focus on creating new art and facing our deepest fears of the unknown. The technology and knowledge is there to make a super cool and cohesive music video without a huge budget and we’re super proud of how it turned out and feel like it’s perfect timing and tone with this Halloween season,” said producer and drummer Cameron Brousseau.