She’s a champion for human rights, women’s equality, a feminist and gifted writer who’s words have touched the lives of many. Based on her life, the three-part mini series from Megamedia Chile, ISABEL, is now available to stream on HBO Max. A story about forgiveness and overcoming pain to achieve success. ISABEL tells the story of Isabel Allende, who when at the peak of her career she receives devastating news. In its inaugural episode, viewers get to see the events and circumstances that made Isabel into the woman and writer the world knows, respects and idolizes today.

In the year 1991 in Barcelona, Spain. Allende is in the middle of a speech when she receives news that her daughter is on the verge of dying and immediately rushes to the hospital. While in the waiting room, she looks back on the decisions she has made that not only affect her career but also her family. As a young mother and homemaker she is approached by a close friend, to join a new women’s magazine that she is creating; a feminist magazine. Although she is familiar with the industry – having had work in TV in Switzerland – this will be her first journalism job. Her first assignment is to write an entertaining column.

While watching as her husband mindlessly watches a beauty pageant on TV, being completely unaware of the food his wife is sneaking into his plate. She is inspired to make him the subject of her column and become an instant success. Her next major venture is an editorial piece about “women who cheat” and how they too can have affairs of the heart. Her career skyrocketed with the constant success from her articles and magazine combined. She became a career woman, which later made her wonder if it was all at the expense of her children. For while she was rising at work, they were growing up.

During this time there are political conflicts that make its way into her home. Allende finds herself unable to help, unable to get involved, unable to look away and she makes a difficult decision to leave her native Chile due to political conflicts. Abandoning everything for love and immersing herself into literature to heal her wounds. The pain may have bent her, but it never breaks her.

Her 1982 unforgettable debut novel “The House of the Spirits” became an instant critically acclaimed best-seller catapulting her to literary stardom. Today, after authoring 25 books, which have been translated into 42 languages and have sold in excess of 75 million copies worldwide, she is widely recognized as the world’s most widely read Spanish-language author.

Executive produced by Isabel Miquel and Directed by Rodrigo Bazaes. ISABEL, is produced by MEGAMEDIA TV from Chile, and distributed internationally by MGE (Mega Global Entertainment), stars Daniela Ramírez (“Prófugos,”“Inés del alma mía”) as Isabel, Néstor Cantillana (“Prófugos”) as Isabel’s first husband Miguel Frías, Rodolfo Pulgar (“La Negra Ester”) as Isabel’s paternal grandfather Agustín Llona and Rosario Zamora (Doña Beija y Felicidad) as Isabel’s mother, Francisca Llona.

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Lidia Mosqueda

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