Thee Commons mixes vibes in new album “Paleta Sonora”

It’s been a few weeks since psychedelic, cumbia punk band, Thee Commons released their recent effort on July 28 but the taste the album brought is still everlasting.

Overall, “Paleta Sonora,” offers a laid-back beach vibe mixed with the spicy dance inspired flavors of Latin alternative.

With an album heavy with surf sounds in the first couple of tracks such as the breezy instrumental “Tropics,” “Leonard Cohen in the Sky” finally brings in the psychedelic side Thee Commons is known for to “Paleta Sonora.”  Backed by a solid Nine Inch Nails inspired drum beat over sudsy California coastal rock guitar riffs, the track additionally features the kaleidoscopic and circus associated sounds as heard in The Beatles’ “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!”  The funk picks up again in the glittery “Sequined Dress” as it is another of the many instrumental tracks is fit for a 70s dance floor with a nostalgic feel.

Even though the majority of the tracks are sung in Spanish, even including the names of a few titles, the Latin influence can be best felt in the cumbia tracks such as “Son Del Mar,” as it entices dance with its strong beat.

As natives of East LA, the sweet, dripping track “Milk and Honey” best emphasizes the band’s roots, with both mentions of the City of Angels and the interlude of rap in between lyrics of elementary professions of love such as “Baby, we belong together forever/ like Mac and Cheese.”

“Paleta Sonora” is available for streaming on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify. The album can also be found on the Three Commons website.

Track Listing:

  1. “Acid Girl”
  2. “Work It Out”
  3. “Camisa Al Reves
  4. “Selena’s Butt”
  5. “Chola Surf”
  6. “Tropics”
  7. “Leonard Cohen in the Sky”
  8. “Son Del Mar”
  9. “Elotero Spaceman”
  10. “Playas”
  11. “Sequined Dress”
  12. “Sopa Cruda”
  13. “Milk and Honey”
  14. “Muevela”
  15. “Mac De Cheese-O”
  16. “Sunday’s Delight”
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