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A new expansion for the highly popular TMZ, the leading entertainment news outlet, proudly announces the launch of TMZ en Español!

TMZ en Español will warmly embrace Spanish-speaking audiences globally, delivering the same, real-time coverage of breaking news and exclusive stories that has cemented made the outlet as a household name. With the debut of the spanish platform we’re breaking language barriers and extending the thrill of entertainment news to the Spanish-speaking communities worldwide. From highlighted coverage of international stars like Shakira, Eugenio Derbez, Sofia Vergara, Bad Bunny and more. The company is passionate about bringing the latest entertainment news to Spanish-speaking audiences around the world.

“TMZ” breaks the biggest stories in entertainment as only it can—with accuracy, irreverent humor and youthful energy. The product connects with the public across its broadcast and digital platforms by providing a fresh, unvarnished, and honest take on celebrities and their real lives. The TV show is the first national television show to launch as an extension of a successful website and now has multiple sites and shows, including TMZ Sports and TMZ Live. The TMZ brand is the most trusted, the most talked about, and the highest quality entertainment news outlet in the world.

TMZ en Español will launch on September 18, 2023, during Hispanic Heritage Month. This is a significant time to launch our expansion, as it’s a time when the Hispanic community is celebrating their culture and heritage. The expansion will help to ensure that Spanish-speaking audiences have a voice during this important month.

“This is a long time in coming. The stories we cover aren’t limited by borders or languages so it’s time to extend our reach to audiences that enjoy our content” said Harvey Levin, Executive Producer.

In the future, the plan is to expand content targeted to TMZ en Español specifically, by adding more original reporting and interviews with Spanish-speaking celebrities.