One of the most talked about and anticipated new shows of year. TNTs’ limited series, ‘I Am the Night’; directed by Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman) and starting Chris Pine (Star Trek, Wonder Woman). Premiered lastnight.

*Spoiler alert*

‘I Am the Night’, tells the story of Fauna Hodel. A young girl who was adopted at birth and upon discovery, goes in search of her real family. In doing so, she uncovering secrets that tie her to the infamous death of Elizabeth Short; famously known as The Black Dahlia.

India Eisley, plays a teenage “Pat” who lives in a small town in Nevada. She works at a local hospital to help support herself and her mother after her mothers husband abandoned them. One night while out with a schoolmate she is stopped by police, who ask her if the “black boy is bothering her.” She tells them no and informs them that she too is of African decent, that she is mixed race. She rushes home to her mother, whom while drinking begins to say things that in intrigue Pat and later that night when her mother is sleeping. She sneaks into her room and uncovers a birth certificate belonging to a Fauna Hodel. The next morning Pat confronts her mother about the certificate and discovers that she is indeed Fauna Hodel. Later that day, she takes a greyhound to Los Angels to meet her famous grandfather; George Hodel.

Chris Pine, plays reporter/occasional paparazoo; Jay Singletary. Who reported on The Black Dahlia murder back in 1947 and wrote about Faunas’ grandfather George Hodels’ possible involvement in the murder. When not out chasing a story lead, he’s on a drinking and drug-snorting binge. It is during one of these moments when he recieves a phone call from Faunas adoptive mother; just as he is about to hang himself. She tell hims that he was right about his hunch on George Hodel and to keep looking.

Elsewhere in Los Angeles, Fauna has just arrived and is disparately trying to get ahold of her grandfather. After two failed calls to get a reach of him, she contacts her “step-grandmother,” who cuts her off and says that her grandfather is a dangerous man and she should stay away. The episode ends with a stunned Fauna looking out, wondering what that could possible mean.

The show is based on the true story of Fauna Hodel and her discover when searching for her real family. The show was shot in key iconic Los Angeles locations and landmarks including; Swoden House, Greystone Mansion, Huntington Gardens, Chili Johns, The Boom Boom Room and many more.

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