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The top seeds in Men’s and Women’s surfing finally made their Florida Pro debuts on Saturday, outperforming the rest of the competition.

Minori Kawai of Japan found herself as a top seed in 2018 after a great final stretch to end last year. She continued her high performance with a big round three heat win over Paige Hareb thanks to an excellent score of 16.00 out of 20. That score propelled Kawai to the top women’s performance of the day.

Remember the name Caroline Marks, as this 15-year-old phenom is blowing people away as she continues to shine at such a young age. Caroline, the Melbourne Beach native, scored an excellent 8.00 out of 10 and finished in first place in her debut heat in her home state of Florida. It was an impressive start to her first year on tour and could foreshadow an even bigger season ahead.

Philippa Anderson, Tatiana Weston-Webb, Coco Ho, Silvana Lima, Bronte Macaulay, and Keely Andrew all won their Round Three debuts as well and will do battle in Round Four thanks to some top seed eliminations.

As for the Men’s side, Gabriel Farias of Brazil set an example for all of the other competitors. Farias managed to ride the highest single-scoring wave of the entire event with his ridiculous 9.50 out of 10; finishing the heat with 16.83 out of 20.

Although nobody would surpass Farias’ score, Vero Beach, Florida native Tommy Coleman had a great score of his own. His 8.33 out of 10 was one of the highest single-wave scores of the day and propelled him into top 10 contention. Like Caroline Marks, Coleman is also just 15 years old himself meaning the two of them together have proved that the future of QS is very bright.

Event organizers will gather at 7:30 a.m. to assess conditions for a possible 8:00 a.m. start for either men’s Round Three or women’s Round Four. You can go to for more information and for live streaming of the event.