Lets’ play a game; truth or dare? I dare you to go see a movie that will high your anxiety at alarming levels, by the time credits roll.

From the producers who brought you, Happy Death Day and Get Out. Truth or Dare tells the story of Olivia and her friends, who while on spring break in Mexico. Meet “Connor” a charismatic man who invites them to an abandon mission to continue parting after all the bars close. While there the group begins a harmless game of truth or dare, until Connor is asked truth and admits that he only approached Olivia, because he needed someone with friends and that he does not care if innocent people die as long as he gets to live.

Stunned and confused Oliva chases after Connor, and he tells her that once you are asked you are in; “Tell the truth or die. Do the dare or die. Refuse to play and you die.” Thinking that he was is a drunk and buzzkill, Olivia and her friends return home and resume their lives as college students. That is until Olivia realizes that the game has followed them home.

While she is the first to realize such after a demonic encounter with classmate in the library; or as she puts it “It’s like their faces where some messed up snapchat filter.” It takes a few gruesome encounters to convince the others of how important it is to follow the games rules. As the film continues the games gets more intense with each turn and the remaining players must find a way to survive the game.


While truth or dare is nothing more than a party game, where friends test each other’s limits with dares and test morals with truths. Blumhouse Truth or Dare is fast paced and deadly. There is no second chance to tell the truth and no forgiveness for missing a dare. Throughout the film your anxiety levels with be at an all-time high as you await a players’ turn.

Truth or Dare is out today.

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