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The United States Women’s Soccer team dominates American soccer. The national men’s team does try, but just can’t compete with the powerhouses of the world. The only thing the men’s team has going for it is once every four years Americans cheer them on. Yes, its during the world cup and yes that sounds a bit exaggerated, but the team just doesn’t pick up much steam. The “I believe that we can win” chants only take you so far once you barely get out of pool play. So sadly the most success they’ve had in recent years is their jersey sells.

Now all of that seems like a knock for the men who have been trying and have made huge improvements over the decade. However, compared to the women they can’t even hold a candle to their dominance. To put in in perspective the women have four Olympic gold medals, and three Olympic gold medals.

So when it comes to how much less the women get paid compared to men it is baffling. The compensation for the friendly matches for the men is 17 thousand for a win, 8 thousand for a tie, and 5 thousand for loss. The women receive 1.4 thousand for a win, zero for a tie, and zero for a loss.

Alex Morgan, Hope Solo, Carli Lloyd, Megan Rapinoe, and Becky Sauerbunn have filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission accusing the U.S. Soccer Federation of wage discrimination. These ladies represent the United States with immense pride and dedication. Their hard work deserves more, and they should be paid more due to their accomplishments.