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Ubisoft and NVIDIA Team Up to Make Watch Dogs Stunning on the PC

Watch Dogs Ubisoft NVIDIA PC I like my Xbox and Playstation as much as the next guy, but when it comes to playing high-end immersive games like Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, it doesn’t get better than playing it (or just seeing it) on the PC. Of course, not just any PC will do. It takes a fast machine with a powerful video card. That’s why Ubisoft teamed with NVIDIA to make sure that every detail of their virtual Chicago within the game shone through in every step your character takes. Paul Vlasie, lead PC engineer on Watch Dogs at Ubisoft Montreal, gives us a look at what went into making the PC the best possible platform to play this epic new game.

Ubisoft Watch Dogs:

Which platform will you be playing Watch Dogs on? Grab it on May 27th. Image: Ubisoft

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