Ulrich Wild Releases Galaktikon Mixing Course through Promix Academy

“One of the most important things in mixing is to keep the interest of the listener. If the song doesn’t grab you in the beginning you’re kind of done with it. So it’s important to keep the interest,” states Ulrich Wild, a Grammy nominated producer and engineer specializing in metal rock. Wild has collaborated with Promix Academy Founder Warren Huart (who is also a producer/engineer, owner of Spitfire Studios and the YouTube channel Produce Like a Pro) to release a new Promix Academy course.

In addition to his work as a producer and engineer, Huart aims to help people make great music by sharing the knowledge and experience he’s accumulated over his near 30 years in the industry through Produce Like a Pro and ProMix Academy. Huart explains: “I want to demystify the recording process and show that there really isn’t a difference between the ‘professionals’ and home recordists. We all share the same passion for music creation and our aim is to break down barriers and democratize the music industry.”

In this lesson, Wild takes the student further into the fundamentals of mixing by providing an in-depth experience from working on Brendon Small’s Glaktikon track titled “Triton”. This educational mixing course goes even beyond just a tutorial, as it includes multiple insider stories and recording/production insights that someone could only acquire from the experience that Wild and Small share. The process may deem tedious in the beginning, but once the challenge of “finding space in the mix” is conquered, a finished track is a rewarding and satisfying treat.

This is not the first time that Wild has teamed up with Small, the two have been working together since Dethklok’s debut album The Deathalbum in 2007.

Watch an exerpt from the video at Produce Like a Pro and find purchase link to the full video course including access to the multitrack sessions from the album here:

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