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Une Bobine: Smart Cable for Your Smart Phone

When it comes to purchasing accessories to compliment our technology, we should expect them to be just as multifaceted. For example: our phones allow us to perform so many functions and are invaluable tools for our everyday lives because they can do (almost) anything.

So why can’t your charge cable be more like your phone and do everything?

It seems like a silly question to ask, but the question stands nonetheless. The accessories we use with our smart phones should be like our phones: smart.

Enter the Une Bobine by Fuse Chicken. On the surface, the Une Bobine seems pretty straightforward: it’s a charge cable reinforced with a metal casing to ensure that the charge cable you purchase for your smartphone will be your last. By the look and feel, you realize it can easily outlast your next several smartphones because it is so durable.

But the Une Bobine is so much more than that. It provides a surprising amount of function that you begin to realize is incredibly handy. The metal casing is flexible, allowing you to position your phone however you want while it charges. Be it connected to your laptop or a wall outlet, your phone sits snugly and secure in the doc and won’t budge.

Image Courtesy of Fuse Chicken
Image courtesy of Fuse Chicken

As a testament, I positioned the doc so my phone would be oriented sideways as if I were using my Une Bobine as a small tripod, one of the functions touted by the developers at Fuse Chicken. It remained snug and secure the entire time sitting on my desk. For a couple of hours in fact! I even decided to walk around with it a bit, and not once was I worried that my phone would fall off and crash to the ground. Realistically, I could set it somewhere on a raised, flat surface and let my phone record video or take photos using the Une Bobine as a makeshift tripod.

Granted,  the case I have on my phone would not all my phone to connect properly to the cable dock. Once I removed the case and plugged my bare phone in, it was not going anywhere unless I was trying to intentionally swing my phone around and make it fly off. Trust me, with the normal movement involved with walking or panning to get a shot (and some intentional shaking on my part), my phone stayed right where it was supposed to be.

The ability to bend Une Bobine’s structure and have it hold is an incredibly helpful function. Take it with you on the go, and you can straighten it out to work as a selfie stick. Or bend it to your liking in order to make taking video comfortable and functional. The important think about Une Bobine is that you can use it however you want to use it.

Image courtesy of Fuse Chicken
Image courtesy of Fuse Chicken

And one last thing: yes, you can use it as a stand for when you need to use the GPS navigation function while driving. Fuse Chicken offers the Bobine Auto for those who want a little extra security for their setup whenever they’re driving. The main difference is that the Bobine Auto includes a clip to latch your cable to the car and ensure that the cable, sturdy enough as it already is, really doesn’t move whenever you have to make that occasional sudden and sharp turn.

Overall, Fuse Chicken has created a very functional product. Bring your phone to eye level and never have to hold it while you make a FaceTime call. Or make a stand so you can have your hands free to cook in the kitchen while you reference back to the recipes saved on your phone. Or just use it as a second screen.

The most important aspect is that the Une Bobine holds its shape, which creates potential for any user to make the Une Bobine function for their unique need at the moment. At only $35, you can’t go wrong.

For more information about the Une Bobine, the Bobine Auto, and the rest of the Fuse Chicken product line, visit their website

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