The Untold Story of DOLORES Huerta is Coming To PBS in March

One of the most important women activists in American history, Dolores Huerta, shares her untold story to PBS through DOLORES. The documentary, directed by Peter Bratt, shows her accomplishments for women’s rights, field workers and immigrants.

Huerta spoke about how action creates change. Through her bravery, and work with Cesar Chavez, she influenced political leaders and innovated change for the Unites States.

“What made the difference was over coming fear,” Huerta said. “Once I overcame my fear that I couldn’t do this, was when I was able to [move forward]”.

Because of her commitment to justice, many refer Dolores to be an icon, but her son likes to joke that she is an “I can!”

Peter Bratt said the biggest challenge was to get Dolores to be the subject of this documentary.

“It’s an incredibly complex and rich life. We actually had to cut out a lot of chapters and condense Dolores’ work in to what you see right now, ninety minutes. That was one of the challenges of Dolores’ story. We hope this work will launch another investigation into so many other chapters of her life” Peter Bratt said.

Huerta to this day is still participating in marches and fighting for equality.

“Everybody has personal problems. But once you get engaged with helping other people, your personal issues get diminished” Huerta said.

PBS is airing DOLORES Tuesday, March 27, at 9p.m./8c.

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