Upcoming hip-hop artist T.Oak$ puts lovers in their feelings in new music video: ‘Just Wanna Know’

If this is the first time you’re hearing about T.Oak$, you may want to follow this ones career. He writes, produces, and directs his own videos. He’s worked with household names such as Rich the Kid, and Sy Ari Da Kid. He can for sure “do it for the culture” and turn up a crowd within seconds. However, this new song slows it down…for those with relationships.

“Last weekend, was a little crazy. Got me thinking that you were my lady,” is the first line of the new song. The rapper is reminiscing about a girl who he spent some time with over the weekend. He felt in love, but maybe it was the booze talking?  When reality hits, he’s wondering if that love he felt was real, or if it was just a phase in time.

The “movie style” music video, filmed by San Diego based cinematographer Thomas Tyrell (whose notable works include Trill Sammy) begins with T.Oak$ on the kitchen floor with a bottle of Patron. This main clip is seen throughout the video as the present time, going back and forth to flashback scenes of him and the girl from the weekend before. He just wants to know if she’s feeling the same way, or nah. The video is dramatic. The way it’s shot–there are vintage filters, rewinds, and long pauses leaving the viewer guessing which direction the video will take next. To top that off, it ends with the words “to be continued.”

Wondering when you can expect a part two? I sure am. You can keep up with T.Oak$ on all of his social media, to stay tuned.

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