Vance Joy performs a Sold Out Show at Fox Theater Pomona

Pomona, CA – This past Friday night, Vance Joy swept his fans off their feet and had them singing along all night during his sold out concert at the Fox Theater in Pomona.

Vance Joy, born James Keogh from Melbourne, Australia signed to Atlantic Records in 2013 and has slowly been becoming a worldwide symbol of the new face of the singer-songwriter sound. He is one of the few genuine artists of today’s folk/indie/singer-songwriter genre who can lyrically, vocally, and physically (handsome Aussie genes) charm his way to each individual’s heart. In addition to his talent, Vance Joy has this incredible ability to make his fans feel like friends or family members that he hasn’t seen in a few years.

He introduced Winds of Change as a song he played one time at an open mic after his parents’ approval of the song. His songs are about the emotional depth of a relationship, but describes the experience in a way listeners have never heard before. In Winds of Change he sings, “You reach out for me in the night / And an errant finger pokes me in the eye / And I leave your contact lenses on the bedside table / And I’m hoping you decide to come back home.” When he speaks to the audience about something, he really is speaking to you—it is not a manufactured rehearsed dialogue, it is an honest conversation. This is the type of thing that most artists have to practice nowadays. In Red Eye, he captures an essence of nostalgia and addresses that gut feeling when someone you love, leaves.

The Australian artist compiles his sound with influences from Van Morrison and Lynard Skynard, but expresses his experiences through a new style that is so colorful yet so lighthearted that listeners have no choice but to surrender their vulnerability.

“I was scared of dentists and the dark”…he finishes his concert with Riptide, the song which brought him much success and recognition.

Although his music is light as a feather, he has an amazing capacity to take fans on an emotional wave. This won’t be the last time that Vance Joy will be in Southern California.

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