Vans Warped Tour Celebrates 25th Anniversary

25 years in the making; Vans traveling music festival, Warped Tour is making yet another national appearance while pre-sale tickets were just announced and will begin going onsale Monday, February 25th.

This remarkably diverse lineup of emerging musical artists will
make detours in Cleveland, OH, Atlantic City, NJ and lastly Mountain View, CA. In collaboration with Journeys, this anniversary of a show will be bigger than ever as Warped Tour founder, Kevin Lyman previously announced that 2018 was the final and last cross-country run of the
famous punk rock festival.

Friday, March 1st will be a highly-anticipated date as this is the day the festival’s wide-ranging lineup will be released as well as the general admission tickets. Kevin Lyman plans on paying homage to the classic Warped Tour experience as he “want(s) to bring back elements that have made the Warped Tour, Warped Tour, over the past 25 years.”

This year’s Warped Tour experience will have a multitude of events as each location has a special geographical advantage. Whether it be in Cleveland, Ohio on June 8th in their Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame where there will be special exhibitions which will feature the tour’s iconic and most memorable
documented moments since it’s birth in 1995. Or “set to a backdrop of sun, sand, and surf” in Atlantic City, New Jersey on June 29th for a two day celebration which will be the only one taking place on the East Coast.

Or nostalgically, the “second home” of Warped Tour which takes place in Mountain View, CA for a “triumphant return” on July 20th for an unforgettable two day experience.

Kevin Lyman is continuously innovating Warped Tour’s appearance in different locations so that fans everywhere can rave about how unique of a festival experience it is every single year.

Reigning over 24 years of successful sold out shows, the founder is creating a community of rockers and music-lovers who he hopes to “inspire” through “creativity and ambition” annually and he isn’t going to miss the chance in 2019 either.

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