Variety and History Salute To Service Honors Ken Burns, Rachel Ray and Others

Variety hosted its’ second annual Salute to Service presented by History this morning was a big hit to help put a spotlight in helping our men and women in our military and veterans. Some of the honorees at the event were Ken Burns, Dana Delany, Rachael Ray, Montel Williams and Bob Woodruff.

Ken Burns mentioned about being the importance of telling our veterans stories, “There will always be Wars what is striking is that for all the uniqueness of the wars the experience of combat is almost exactly the same. You can hear it in the soldiers letters coming home from the Civil War, you can hear it from the testimony of those veterans that we are fortunate enough to interview for our film on the Second World War… and it was not only clear from the Marines and Army veterans of the Vietnam War but they’re kind of Parts the Viet Cong guerrillas the North Vietnamese soldiers they talked about something that takes place in combat that you think we’ve learned to outgrow and we haven’t. I think what has to come along in our salute to Veterans is in some ways to see if there’s an evolutionary possibility and I doubt it for us to outgrow this.”

Burns added, “Look I just passed two homeless Vietnam veterans begging for money walking down Broadway that’s intolerable… we ought to be able to put our actions where our words are and do something about it.”

Variety's 2nd Annual Salute to Service, New York, USA - 12 Nov 2018
Montel Williams poses on the red carpet during Variety’s Salute to Service in New York City November 12, 2018.

TV personality Montell Williams who himself is a U.S. Marine Corps & U.S. Navy veteran and is a board member of Fisher House which helps Vets in the VA hospital system said, “Even though I am not on active duty or in the reserves anymore I have never taken my uniform off and I so never will.”

Williams added, “Understand that 85% of the veterans who come back from combat don’t suffer PTSD there is only 15% of us that have real serious issues and we should focus on that 15% we should also acknowledge that 85% because it is that 85% that is the fabric of this country it was because of the Vietnam veterans coming home with his GI Bill going to college and giving this GI Bill to his children that made this country the most educated country on this planet.”

Celebrity Chef Sunny Anderson who is an Air Force veteran who was one of the presenters at the event said, “It’s for the civilians to say and think about things because I feel like veterans living it everyday military members live in it everyday where we never forget we’re constantly thinking about our comrades and our fellow service members Veterans Day is truly about saying thank you to our veterans obviously that have been at War that have just done awesome things in the military people don’t realize as a service member myself that all the great things that the military does do it’s not just artillery it’s accounting it’s Medical it’s legal there are even boxers in the military.”

Variety's 2nd Annual Salute to Service, New York, USA - 12 Nov 2018
Rachael Ray during Variety’s Salute to Service in New York City November 12, 2018.

Rachel Ray was honored as well during the ceremony for here service for the military and veterans. She said, “Being mindful but I think being mindful it’s kind of like a really good cold that you can catch if you catch that cold in November maybe you’ll keep it through December January and February all the way to next November its kind of like a challenge a November challenge can you be grateful every day”

Ray added, “Everyone should be grateful every day for being an American for having a right to vote for our vets and you should be deciding with great gratitude what you’re going to do with that enormous opportunity and gift what are you going to do tomorrow.”

The morning event was hosted by Martha Raddatz from ABC News and Gerry Byrne Vice Chairman and Board Member of PMC and a United States Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran.

SALUTE TO SERVICE is a celebration of the notable efforts and contributions by various individuals individuals from the entertainment and media sectors shining light on military services and related organizations. In partnership with HISTORY, Variety gathered an intimate group of distinguished individuals who have been selected as honorees, as well additional service members, supporters and contributors as guests.


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